Burger Company: Angus Beef patties and Spicy wings FTW!

When In Manila, it’s often that we find Americanized styled restaurants or burger shops that simply do just stick to their signature burgers. Usually, the next thing we find special in a burger shop is the fries right? With Burger Company however, I was surprised with their other menu items that could possibly have you having a hard time choosing on either getting them or the burgers. Let’s get into those further later.


Burger Company is a brainchild created by Alvin Ong who takes his burgers seriously, kidding! He brought Burger Company into abstract through his love for burgers and through creating burgers the way he wants them to be. His love for burgers had him going through different Burger spots in the metro and yet failing to find a really good burger place for his palate. He then sought into creating his own Burgers through Burger Company by the help of Francis Fabie‘s conceptualization.



Burger Company is actually located near St. Mary’s School around the Scout area. Pretty near Capitol Medical Center. I’ll put the address later below. Coming to Burger Company, you’ll find the burger bar to be pretty much a stand-out. The design outside is very urban modern with cool graffitis and sketches, while the main burger bar itself looks like a semi-circular shaped firefighter’s base or unfinished building. Pretty cool and catchy! The Burger Company theme itself is an unfinished building type that gives of somewhat a firefighter’s base aura inside. The place really looks clean and very well lit. Very cozy indeed.


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