Burger Bar asks, “What’s your Beef?”


I have this item in my bucket list:



  • To be able to taste the best burgers in the world.




Ambitious and diet-ruining but yes, I love burgers. And the thought of being able to customize my burger to my preferences is such sweet thought for me.




But now, it’s more than just a thought. When in Manila, there’s a new spot in town for great burgers; Burger Bar.



Located cosily at Greenbelt 2, you need to visit Burger Bar for 3 main reasons; the ambiance, their uniqueness and, of course, the food.




The Ambiance



Burger Barr




Burger Bar is located at G/F Greenbelt 2. This is a much known spot for good restaurants, too, so first hand you are ensured of good quality.



Upon entering the resto, you’d notice that their kitchen is seen at large. Don’t you just love it when you get to see what happens in the kitchen? It seems to be an assurance of quality and clean preparation.



Burger Bar’s Unique Appeal









Upon seeing their menu, I noticed how unique and well thought of their menu was. From ingredient combinations to product names to presentation; Burger Bar definitely didn’t hold back!




It’s more than the burgers



Lastly, however the factors are in the food business, it always boils down to the taste of the food. And we were served good food.








My friend, Jay, ordered The Piggy. The Piggy is a double patty beef bomb blend of chuck and short rib mozzarella, friend bacon strips, a bacon jam that’s entirely Burger Bar’s own, some greens in a sesame bun.



If that seemed like a handful, wait till you taste the burger in a double patty! That’s a mouthful!









Nyael ordered the Bar Burger for himself. It’s a burger of hanger and brisket, with smoked scamorza and gorgonzola cheeses, herbs here and there, and caramelized onions with crispy onion rings in a brioche bun.








Meanwhile, being a lover of cheese, I ordered the 4cheese Chuck. I usually say, everything with cheese tastes better, so what more is a burger with 4 cheeses! 4 cheese Chuck is a parmesan-crusted beef patty blend of chuck and short rib with yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella, arugula in a sesame bun.









We also ordered Truffle Parmesan Fries. And must I say, every biteful is so cheesy , I love it!




And of course, to finish the meal! We had desserts! We got the Caramel Vanilla Bread Pudding and Black and White Banana Split. I have never seen desserts as such in jars! Must I say, I fancy the concept, I’m guessing they got it from the comfort that you get when you eat straight from the ice cream pint. (hmmm…)






The Caramel vanilla Bread pudding is baked with the Burger Bar’s buger buns, spiked with rhum caramel, granola and then vanilla ice cream. While the Black and White Banana Split is your banana split in a jar! With chunks of chocolate brownies, layers of bananas, vanilla and chocolate ice creams, caramel sauce topped with whipped cream, peanuts and strawberry syrup, it’s a must try for those sweet tooth who dare!




What’s your Beef?











Burger Bar is the newest burger joint in the city that’s sure to satisfy your burger cravings! And as I mentioned, Burger Barr can customize your burger according to your preference. From the bun to the patty to the toppings and MORE toppings, it’s yours to pick. What’s better is that it’s for only 185 pesos each. Great deal huh?!




So I simply urge you, When in Manila, you’ve got to try and prolly add my bullet point to your bucket list as well. Drop by Burger Bar and ask yourself, “What’s your beef?”



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Burger Bar asks, “What’s your Beef?”