Bureau of Customs Open Boxes for Random Checks: OFWs Speak Up

A few days ago, the Bureau of Customs announced that they will be opening a few balikbayan boxes for random checks. The news enraged thousands of Filipinos worldwide as this is invasion of privacy. While we understand that the BoC only wants to minimize the number of smuggled items getting into the country, we hope there was a different way to go about it (insert better idea here)

The 2 photos showing BoC officers rummaging through the Balikbayan boxes were shared by Noor G.

BoC random checks

BoC random checks 2

Overseas Filipino Workers all over the world show their disappointment by writing notes to the BoC.

BoC random checks 3A letter from an OFW in Hong Kong


BoC random checks 6Letter from an OFW in Taiwan written directly on the Balikbayan box


Others, including concerned citizens with no OFW families post statuses on Facebook to show their concern on this issue. I’ll leave it to you guys to read what these Filipinos have to say.

BoC random checks 8

BoC random checks 4

BoC random checks 9

These are just some of the posts we saw around the internet. People here and there voicing out their opinions on the way the Bureau of Customs is running their operation. Increase in taxes, invasion of privacy…

All these changes are affecting Filipinos both here and abroad, and we can only hope that the BoC hears us out and finds a different solution to the problem at hand.

What do you guys think of this? Do share your thoughts!