#BudgetTravel: A 5-Day Trip to Morocco (Visa-Free) for P10,850 (Sans Airfare)!


Griin Brokovich shared with WhenInManila.com how she traveled to Morocco (which is visa-free) with a budget of P10,850 excluding airfare. She shared photos and tips on how she was able to make this trip come true. Read on.

Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. This is a MUST-SEE destination as it offers a mix of European and African culture in one place. Travel Marrakesh, Morocco for 5 days for just P10,850.



Check out the site Skyscanner.net to book and SEE THE PRICES for plane tickets to Morocco. Approximate travel time from Manila to Morocco is 15 hrs. Then, when travelling from the airport to your hotel/hostel, you can ask them to book a taxi for you. You can easily walk around the main attractions of Marrakesh so you don’t need to worry about transportation expenses. Just prepare your Google Map and comfy shoes.


Highly recommended, Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

You can book a shared room for as low as 370 PHP per day.


Personally, I enjoyed my stay in this hostel because the staff members are very friendly and accommodating and I have met a lot of travellers with whom I have shared a lot of unforgettable memories and experiences. This hostel is only 10-minute walking distance from famous tourist spots such as Jemaa El-Fnaa , a historical market.



Moroccan food are mainly cheap and serve big portions. I’ve spent roughly £2 (120 PHP) per meal. Avoid eating at tourist spots as they will charge you more than the side shops. Another tip to save money on foods while travelling is to always carry a large refillable bottle of water with you so you don’t need to pay extra. Try Moroccan Shisha for only 40 MD = 196 PHP and the famous Moroccan green tea mostly for FREE for any shops you enter.

Additional activities that might interest you:

Chariot/Kalesa that can tour you around the city of Marrakesh for 45 minutes but you have to bargain with the drivers. They will charge you for 200 Moroccan Dirhams (MD) but we managed to get it for 100 MD (492 PHP) after bargaining.


Ride a hot air balloon for 45 minutes, camel ride and quadbike altogether for 7200 PHP per person.

But you can avail individually if you are only interested on one or 2 activities.


Total expenses:

370 PHP x 5 days = 1850php for 5days
+ Foods
120 PHP x 3 meals/day x 5 days = 1800 PHP
TOTAL = 3650 PHP
+ Additional Activities = 7200php
Overall Total = 10850 PHP

Have fun and enjoy the Moroccan experience!

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