This BTS Scented Candle is Too Pretty For Words

If you’re an ARMY like me, then you probably find such pleasure in discovering pretty items that remind you of the boys. From BTS phone accessories to TinyTAN chocolates, everything is a welcome sight. When I laid my eyes on this stunning universe-inspired BTS scented candle from Eight Interiors, though, my home game changed completely.

Photo from Eight Interiors

Eight Interiors started during the pandemic in 2020, offering Korean-inspired home products, specifically bedroom finds. Alyssa Baltazar, the owner, was temporarily unemployed due to family business struggles and travel ban restrictions (she worked as a Consular Visa Officer at a foreign embassy in Manila) that she started feeling anxious and hopeless.

“All I could think was to start something from scratch with what I had at home,” she opens up. Her sister, a graduate of business entrepreneurship and owner of TheSunnysidemnl, mentored Alyssa, who eventually started her own small business online with nothing but her phone and printer at home, and Instagram as her platform.

Since it was the peak of Korean dramas, Alyssa found solace in Yoon Se-ri’s place in Crash Landing on You and inspiration in Start-Up! as a business owner. With that inspiration, she opened a K-Drama-inspired shop that offers linen sets and other Korean-inspired home decorations – perfect for the movement of redecorating spaces during the pandemic. Since she also became an ARMY during this time, it makes sense that this beautiful scented candle is now part of her shop’s roster.

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Not only is this candle a feast for the eyes, but it also smells incredibly good – like candy and happiness! It has a unique scent of pomegranate, hibiscus, and berries that is oh-so-relaxing.

Just how BTS songs became Alyssa’s relief and means for healing, so too will this candle do the same for you. Inspired by Mikrokosmos, Alyssa’s go-to healing song by BTS, the Shine Dream Smile candle was made in collaboration with The Goodwick Candle since Eight Interiors often collaborates with start-ups and small business owners with products in the same niche.

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Eight Interiors also offers other BTS items for fellow ARMYs, such as Borahae Linen Sets and BTS tuft rugs. From her humble beginnings, the store has become a go-to Instagram shop for bedsheets and home decorations including unique BTS fan-made pieces. Check out their products today!

Eight Interiors

Instagram: @eight.interiors

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