Say Hello to Brothers Burger’s New Flavor in the Smash Brothers

I still remember the first time I tried Brothers Burger. It was when I lived in Baguio while I was pregnant and was craving for a really good burger. One of the locals pointed us towards Brothers Burger and it was exactly what I needed. The burgers were filling, flavorful, and oh-so-meaty and delicious. It was love at first bite. For both me and my unborn child. My daughter is now 11 and she still requests for Brothers Burger when the burger cravings kick in.

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Brothers Burger has been around since 1999, and it really isn’t surprising why they’ve been around for so long. They were the first flamed gourmet burger joint in the Philippines at the time, opening multiple stores nationwide. Since then, the classic burger restaurant has created a market consciousness that classic comfort food like burgers can be raised to gourmet levels.

Well-known for their flame-grilled burgers and onion rings, they popularized the burger experience with different tastes and flavors of the burgers and sandwiches. In 2016, they decided to improve and add new products to their menu (since consumers can’t eat burgers every day), adding their very own New York-style homemade hotdogs, tasty milkshakes, soft-serve ice cream, quesadillas, and chicken wings. In 2020, when they realized that there are people who want to eat healthier, they even introduced lettuce wraps for a lower-calorie diet. How awesome is that?

So, when I heard that they were releasing a new flavor, I knew we had to sink our teeth into them.

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While Brothers Burger has specialized in flame-grilled burgers since 1999, offering a smokey and rich flavor in their patties; Chef Quito Jose (head chef and co-founder of Brothers Burger) wanted to venture into a new flavor. That’s where the new Smash Brothers burgers come in.

Veering away from their classic flame-grilled method of cooking, Chef Quito wanted to apply his skills to a pan-seared type of patty. Applying his special Q’s sauce, and other elements and ingredients of a smash burger, Chef Quito hopes to satisfy the tastebuds of burger lovers and enthusiasts. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. It’s really no wonder why so many people (celebrities included!) raved about it during the limited-time launch. It. Is. Delicious. And absolutely perfect to satisfy your bellies. Fortunately, because of the great feedback, they are permanently making it available in their main stores. Hallelujah!

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The burgers aren’t just delicious; the name is catchy, too – and we love the meaning behind it!

Since the general public most the brand “brothers”, they wanted to come up with something related to it for brand recall. So, they simply combined the two words “smash” and “brothers” to come up with “Smash Brothers”. However, for the Super Smash Brothers, they actually conducted a survey to name it—since it’s an upgraded version that has two patties instead of one. One of their respondents said SUPER SMASH
BROTHERS. “There was a kick to it,” they share. “It added color and catered to our target market: the millennials and Gen Z.”

The Smash Brothers consist of a freshly ground pure beef patty, sliced onions, sliced cheese, sliced dill pickles, and their special Q-sauce; and are seasoned with salt and pepper while the Super Smash Brothers consist of the same but with two freshly ground pure beef patties. Make sure to order some Oh! Truffle Fries while you’re at it, as well!

Get yours delivered via Brothers Burger’s online website, Grabfood, and PICK A ROO. They are also available in the following stores: Ayala Malls the 30th, BGC Highstreet, Caltex SLEX San Pedro, Caltex SLEX Binan, Filoil Flying V Centre, NLEX Drive and Dine, Total SLEX Sta. Rosa, TriNoMa, Westgate Alabang, and W.H Taft.

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