Brooklyn Nine-Nine has just been renewed for a 7th season!

With the show’s recent move to NBC for its 6th season, we knew things were up in the air for any future seasons. There were no guarantees for the next season and a lot relied on the ratings and reception that Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be getting. But we can all relax now because the studio announced to the cast and crew last February 27 that they would all be staying on for the 7th season!

(Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Gina Linetti Says Her Goodbye On The Show for Next Season)

Everyone was (unsurprisingly) thrilled by the news, especially since NBC’s initial deal for the show was to give it that last season to wrap things up.  As hyped as all their fans were, I don’t think anyone was more grateful or excited than the cast themselves. Check out some of their reactions below:

(What if “Brooklyn 99” were set in the Philippines?)

All I can say is noice! Toit! 

What do you want to see in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s next season?