This Bride Asked Her Guests for Php81,000 Each to Fund Her Dream Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive – so expensive, in fact, that some people might stop at nothing to cut costs in order to still get their dream wedding in the end.

One particular bride totally takes the cake for this, though.

Twitter user @0lspicykeychain shared this now-viral story of a bride that was allegedly shared on a Facebook wedding-shaming group, and we cannot believe what we just read.

The story starts with the bride announcing the cancellation of her wedding four days beforehand.

Wedding Shaming 1

“After hours of tears, mental exhaustion, and even disassociation, I have come to this decision,” she says, even announcing that she is about to delete her Facebook account because of the paranoia and toxicity that social media brings.

After that, she continues her story of how everything came “crashing down”.

Wedding Shaming 2

She proceeds to tell her love story – about how they met as teenagers and yet knew that they were meant to be:

Wedding Shaming 3

By this point, we’re actually pretty invested in her love life. Little did we know that there was sooooo much more to come.

Wedding Shaming 4

Apparently, after saving $15,000 (around Php812,000) for their extravagant blowout wedding, they realized they actually needed $60,000 (more than Php3.2 million) to make their dream wedding come true. Their solution? Ask their friends and family for cash gifts.

Wedding Shaming 51

They didn’t just ask for any cash gifts, though; they were specific. They asked each guest for around $1,500 (or Php81,210.75 as of this writing). Apparently, her maid of honor even pledged $5,000 (around Php270,000), while her ex’s family offered $3,000 (around Php162,000). Because of these pledges, the bride seemed to think that asking the other guests for ,500 was not out of the ordinary.

Go figure!

It isn’t really surprising that only eight people actually replied and sent them the check (though I’m surprised anyone did, to be honest!):

Wedding Shaming 61

Wedding Shaming 7 1

Soon after that, her friends started to block her and talk about her.

Wedding Shaming 81

Wedding Shaming 91

We are at a loss for words. Do you have any similar horror stories to share? Send them over! We’d love to read them!