Brian Poe-Llamanzares Authors His First Book To Help Digitize Businesses

Brian Poe-Llamanzares has authored a book that has everything you need to know about building and maximizing your brand presence on Facebook, whether it’s for your growing business or personal branding – and the best part is: it’s free!

“The book is important because social media marketing is the key to growing any online business. This book has everything you need to build your first digital marketing campaign,” Poe-Llamanzares said.

In his book entitled “Thinking Outside the Box” that was launched today, Poe-Llamanzares gives his readers a crash course on the skeletal makeup of the Facebook platform and its functions, its evolution from a social platform into a business platform, and how to tap into your target market.

“When you understand what you’re working with, you’ll understand what needs to be done,” said Poe-Llamanzares who seeks to share important tips from his vast experience as an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, investor, and youth leader. “It is true that the social media universe continues to change, but once you have mastered your basic techniques, you will find it very easy to keep abreast of any types of change,” he added.

The book also contains a game-changing guide to some of Facebook’s hidden functions that many users and business owners miss out on. The young entrepreneur explains that he made his first E-book free for anyone who wants to download a copy as his way of giving back to the Filipino business community.

Check out these 5 marketing tips that you can get from Brian’s book.

“I’ve been working on this Facebook marketing book since last year because I wanted to help entrepreneurs and business folk who were struggling to make the switch to digital to make a living,” shared the author. “There’s only so much we can do at a time when we need to create opportunities for ourselves, in the hopes that we find our way to a sustainable livelihood. So this is my way of hopefully helping small business owners bounce back during this economic depression,” he added.

Poe-Llamanzares dedicated two years taking up courses from the best universities in the world where he holds a degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studied at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and completed his master’s program in Climate and Society at Columbia University in New York.

He is also the youngest Chief of Staff to serve at the senate where he works for Sen. Grace Poe’s office. He also assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer for the Panday Bayanihan Foundation, continuing the legacy of the late Fernando Poe Jr. to extend help to calamity-stricken areas.

To download a free copy of the E-book you can go to the “downloads” section at

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