Brew coffee on-the-go anywhere with these sleek and sustainable tumblers and cups!

Photos by Lexi Aguila and Rivers Drinkware

Sleek, minimalist, and with pretty typography? Everything I need <3

Coffee’s such a big part of so many people’s days. I’ve often heard it referred to as lifeblood even. Without some caffeine, a lot of us just can’t get started for the day. But brewing it can be such a chore. Especially if you’re not one for instant coffee but still need to be somewhere else ASAP!

Life in Manila is insanely fast-paced and busy that it’s hard to dedicate some time to brew a good cup o’ joe. Sometimes we settle for stuff we don’t like just so we can feel more awake because some cups take too long to construct. However, like with all things, we should never settle. Why sacrifice your favorite way to drink coffee when you can have it quick and the way you want it?

Rivers Drinkware prides itself on sleek, straightforward, but still delicious coffee all made simple. No need for fancy gadgets or anything else–their coffee is, as they call it, “unplugged.” Their no-frills, minimalist aesthetic and design are just as uncomplicated as their function–and they’re sustainable! They just want anyone and everyone to appreciate a cup of coffee even on-the-go. They have the smallest coffee dripper in the world–one you can use to brew even in the mountains.

Keep up with Manila’s impossibly fast pace with their sleek cups and tumblers. Their Wallmug Sleek is spill-proof–perfect for when you’re rushing to your next class. It retains heat so you aren’t greeted by lukewarm coffee by the time you get to your destination.

Rivers specially designed these cups for those who are more of the out-the-door-in-a-flash types or outdoorsy types. Because they’re so uncomplicated, you can toss them in your bag and bring them anywhere. Traveling from one point in Manila to another might bring complex routes and detours but your coffee will still be simple, hot, and ready for you.

Even if you’re more of a relaxed, indoors type of person, you’d enjoy Rivers cups. They make brewing fun.

You can also attach the micro coffee dripper, the smallest coffee dripper in the world, to the mug. It fastens nicely right on top of the mug (and most cups, I’ve tried!) and all you have to do is pour the ground beans you prefer (I like a Hazelnut-infused one) into the dripper and your hot water.

You really can brew on-the-go with this. No need for any coffee press or teapots that you have to wash out later. All you need is this dripper, your favorite coffee, and some hot water. It’s small and easy to store, even easier to wash. Nothing complicated. Just your drink fast and easy.

Rivers believes that #EveryoneCanBrew. Not only is it a relaxing start to the day (no need to start it off frazzled), it’s also a healthier alternative to coffee sachets and instant coffee drinks. You can make quality coffee in the same amount of time it takes to make instant coffee and it’ll likely be more to your taste!

If you’re the type who likes a nice cold brew, they’ve got a tumbler especially for that. Cold brews are great because you can leave ’em overnight then grab them in the morning. Great for days you really got to get out of the house ASAP. The filter inside the tumbler can handle coarse beans (so none of it gets into your coffee!) and will steep for 12-24 hours. To place the beans inside, I folded tissue into a cone-shape and poured.
Also, look how pretty it is. Especially with the coffee inside. So pretty!
They’ve got even more designs and tools for you to brew anywhere. One of their claims is that you could even brew in the mountains and, really, with their stuff, you could. They make brewing simple for everyone, making delicious coffee accessible to anyone and everyone. I really believe them when they say #EveryoneCanBrew.

Rivers Drinkware

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