Need Breakfast on-the-go? Grab Yellow Cab’s My Size Breakfast Pizza!


Breakfast is the day’s jumpstarter to keep us going throughout the day.


When in Manila and looking for a delicious, filling breakfast but at the same time craving for pizza — just head your way to your nearest Yellow Cab Pizza Co. and grab their newest addition to their My Size Folded Pizza line, the My Size Breakfast Pizzas!


The My Size Breakfast Pizza comes in Ham, Salami & Egg, Hungarian Sausage & Egg and the Bacon, Mango & Egg


Why of course! It’s a My Size Folded pizza so it comes to you nicely folded in half with all the breakfast goodness inside. They are perfect to order for to-go and eat them on your way to work or school or if you simply just want pizza for breakfast.


Yellow Cab Pizza Co. gave us the chance to first try their new My Size Breakfast Pizzas. First up! The Ham, Salami and Egg variant.



A typical breakfast combo of Ham, Salami and Egg wrapped in a pizza, genius! Plus the cream cheese made it more delicious!! 


The My Size Breakfast Pizzas are made for one but sharing wouldn’t hurt too. Yellow Cab’s folded pizza is generously filled with breakfast ingredients, every bite is truly filling and satisfying!


Next up! The Hungarian Sausage and Egg breakfast pizza. 



Now don’t you just want to head out and get your own My Size Breakfast Pizza? Look at that cheesy, meaty goodness!


The  Hungarian Sausage and Egg was the boys’ favorite. Good for the meat lovers and it was a little bit spicy from the Hungarian sausage. 





Look at em friends completely ignoring me and just enjoying their My Size Breakfast Pizzas. Haha!


The last variety and the girls’ choice — The Bacon, Mango and Egg breakfast pizza!



I’m not a big fan of mangoes but this one’s a sure hit for me. I love bacon and eggs and never thought that the sweetness of mango can compliment it. Instant favorite! 



The My Size Breakfast Pizzas are available for Php150. They are a great addition to Yellow Cab’s menu, and the best thing is, you can get them anytime of the day! In Yellow Cab, breakfasts are not just for mornings anymore. 


DSC 0848

Thank you Yellow Cab for satisfying us with the new My Size Breakfast Pizzas! Our faces can tell we’re happy and full from all the eating!



 When in Manila and you want a great breakfast, grab yourself a Yellow Cab Pizza Co.’s My Size Breakfast Pizza — it’s a great way to start your day right!





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Need a Breakfast on-the-go? Grab Yellow Cab’s My Size Breakfast Pizza!