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“Want better performance for your child?
Get him brain fit, in the way that suits him.”


Children who excel in school, arts or sports also have above average abilities on attention to detail, balance and coordination, speed, among many other traits. These traits are the ones that make the difference between the average and the best! Yes, they are in the same class with the same teachers but some kids just tend to be brighter above the rest. Extra study hours after school sometimes help but more often than not, this also contributes to additional stress in children.


Cognitive Mapping


This is where BrainFit can help make life better for them.  Children get to work on different exercises as they focus in meeting their own learning needs, at their own pace. “Each individual has a unique brain profile,” according to Ms. Cheryl Chia, Singapore-based clinical physiotherapist and founder of BrainFit Studio. “We assess each brain’s strengths and weakness with a CognitiveMAP™, an evaluation tool that determines which of your child’s 5 Brain Pillars* need enhancement.” “Here is an example on the importance of evaluation and customization. A child deemed to be “inattentive” and “careless” in school may be displaying these behaviors due to several possibilities. One possibility may be a weakness in the eye coordination muscles (Sensory-Motor Brain Pillar) leading to weak visual focus and missing out of information as a child reads a paragraph or scans a worksheet. This is often picked up as “careless” behavior. When we strengthen the way how knowledge is absorbed, the result is a life-changing experience for the child.


BrainFit Studio is the leading provider of the most up-to-date neuro-scientific-based brain fitness training programs in Asia. It started in Singapore last 2001 and was founded by a team of therapists led by Ms. Cheryl Chia, current Director, who are all passionate about maximizing human potential and transforming lives. It has since expanded across Southeast Asia and has presence in several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and the Philippines. BrainFit Studio Philippines opened its doors in 2011. It is spearheaded by a group of individuals who are experts in the fields of education and health care.” For example, in BrainFit QC, program instructors are licensed teachers from UP, DLSU and a Magna Cum Laude graduate from FEU.


What are Brain Pillars?

BrainFit Studio seeks to build in each child the 5 Brain Pillars, which comprise key cognitive abilities that form the foundations for all learning. The Brain Pillars are:

• Attention & Memory
• Sensory Motor Coordination
• Auditory & Language Processing
• Visual & Spatial Processing
• Social-Emotional Self-regulation


How does Brain Fitness Training work?

BrainFit uses the SMART Learning Technique, which is based on neuro-scientific findings.
All the programs at BrainFit Studio are run according to the SMARTTM Protocol:

• “S” – set personal objectives as every brain is unique.
• “M” – measure capabilities with CognitiveMAP, which is a 2-hour long one-on-one assessment using standardized tests which profile the individual’s brain in the five key areas of visual, auditory, sensory-motor, attention and memory and social-emotional.
• “A” – adapt correct brain activities to suit the profile of each student.
• “R” – re-wire through focused practice. Adequate frequency and intensity of training is vital for maximum results as these provide significant effect on brain fitness training outcomes.
• “T” – transform brain for total performance: focus longer, think faster and remember more.

BrainFit has 5 different programs that address each of the Brain Pillars: Smart Moves for sensory-motor; Smart Vision for visual processing; Smart Listening for auditory processing, Smart Focus for attention and memory; and Smart EQ for socio-emotions.

These can benefit all types of students: the best and the ones that need extra help, even kids with special needs can benefit in their programs because each individual is given a set of exercises that is built to enhance the person’s abilities and performance.


SMART Emotion


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In all of BrainFit exercises, there is a simultaneous development of skills. “For example in SMART Vision, one may be working on his visual attention, visual spatial sense and muscle co-ordination all at the same time. A girl may be asked to jump on the trampoline (muscle coordination training) and focus on the directional arrows on the wall at the same time (visual attention and visual spatial training). The aim: cells that fire together, wire together!”


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SMART Vision


SMART Moves also goes hand in hand with SMART Vision. SMART Moves may be one of the most loved program because it involves physical activities. The program aims to build child’s critical thinking abilities by focusing and concentrating as well as balancing and coordination.




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Children facing different learning needs are seated individually in the computer labs. Each works on customized brain training exercise from SMART Listening. A Brain Fitness specialist attentively checks at each workstation, ready to assist the children if help is needed. This program aims to improve kid’s vocabulary, focus and attention, communication and social skills, and following instructions through listening. A lot of parents have continued to enroll their children to BrainFit programs as they claim that ever since attending the sessions in BrainFit, their child has consistently maintained high grades (90%++) in subjects that were normally just “passing grades.”


SMART Listening


Another success story: “Apart from class performance, good Sensory-Fitness has helped another child aged 12 to swim her first medal in swimming! She has been in swimming class for several summer. There’s always a certain ‘stroke’ which she can’t quite right. The same summer when she enrolled into SMART Moves – the coach noticed significant improvement on her strokes and she went on to win first medal in swimming that summer.”


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With SMART Focus training program, kids are given an armband (also used by NASA) to check how much they focus and give attention to a particular exercise. There are certain “games” that the kids focus though concentration wherein the armband sends pulses to control the computer’s action. This involves three fundamental skills: listening, movement and visual. The program tests the attention stamina of kids and improves attention and concentration/memory,  ability to stay on task, impulse control and over activity.

 SMART Focus


At what age can kids enroll in BrainFit programs?

BrainFit has a head-start program that is catered for kids as young as 3-5 years old called BrainFit Jr. This is an integrated program covering all 5 brain pillars intended to give a head-start as we prime the young Brain. The SMART Programs, focusing on enhancing core brain Pillar areas, are typically for children 5-18 years old.


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Fit Brains Learn Better – CompilationCheck out what it takes to help your child excel across sports, music, school, and in their social-interactions. #TheBrainFitAdvantage

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If you want to bring out the best in your kids, call the nearest BrainFit Training Location and take the CogMapTM assessment now. You can also join or giveaway to get a FREE  CogMap assessment worth PhP 3,800.00. This assessment uses US-scientific based standardized tests to determine child’s strengths and weaknesses, and which among the 5 learning engines need enhancement. It is a proprietary tool used to measure and analyze the brain fitness level or cognitive skill of a student. BrainFit uses the results to be able to identify the key opportunity or improvement areas that are needed to be addressed as well as take advantage of the strengths to achieve success and optimum performance.


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