Borough BGC: Enjoy New York Comfort Food Right Here in the Metro

What’s the one thing you love about New York? The view? The sights? The people? Oh, I know: the food! Well, now you can find your favorite New York comfort food in your own friendly city of BGC.

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Borough is as your one-stop shop for New York delicacies. The city of New York itself has five boroughs and the goal of this newly-opened restaurant branch in BGC is to bring your favorite New York dishes to one place. Let me tell you more about the things you should look forward to at Borough.

New York Inspired Interior Design

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Borough may not be the biggest restaurant you’ll ever see, but it is certainly one of the cutest. Filipinos simply love having something to sink their teeth into, but what good is food (even if it is New York style) if you can’t feel the right vibe?

Sure, if it’s the middle of lunchtime and your stomach is already growling, you feel like you could eat almost anywhere. However, Borough isn’t really a place for lunchtime (although no one is stopping you from having lunch there).

Borough is most commonly known as a hangout place. It’s somewhere you and your friends can kill time and enjoy a couple of beers, coffee or whatnot.

You could certainly use a relaxing and enjoyable vibe, too, and Borough took care of that. They know you went there to eat New York food and that’s just what you’ll get. They made the interiors feel like a real restaurant in New York.

Not only that, the chairs are quite comfy, too. You’ll most definitely want to stay there for hours because of them!

Something for the Sweet Tooth

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If there’s one thing we love about New York food, it’s definitely the pastries. We often see sweets being served on wonderful occasions like birthdays and weddings, but you really don’t have to wait for a huge celebration to be able to sink your teeth into these heavenly treats.

Maybe you just came off the bus. Perhaps you’ve just timed out of your shift. It doesn’t matter. Whenever you crave for some sweet goodness, you know where to go.
(I totally recommend their chocolate chip cake.)

The Perfect After Work Hangout

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind the moment you leave the office? Some people would say “to catch the bus”, but I know there’s a handful of you who would love to grab something to eat first (I’m one of them).

As for me, Borough is just below my office building (hooray for me!). I recommend ordering the tuna burger paired with potato fries. The patty is creamy and soft – just how I like it. The fries are just the right kind of salty. You don’t always find that kind of balance these days.

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If you’re just looking to chat with your officemate, these potato chips are good conversation starters.

Borough definitely hits the spot.  If you’re already a fan of this NY-based restaurant, you’ll be pleased to know that they updated their menu, which means there are lots more food adventures for foodies like you and me.

I really don’t want to spoil your supper, so I’ll just let you see for yourself what kind of delicious meals you can find in this new Borough branch.