Bogart the Explorer: MOTELS AND YOU

Bogart the Explorer 




Ey mates! When in Manila and curious on what’s really going on inside a motel, let me Bogart the Explorer from Davao City, walk you through this highly educational video on Philippine Motels! Join me as I check into a Philippine motel located  a midst the jungles of Manila to know more about the various species and mysterious creatures which according to experts flock these areas during mating season! Oh Crikey!  We will also try to uncover and understand local myths that surround these places!  





bogart the explorer

 Let’s gow!!!!




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Note: This video may not be suitable for younger viewers, parental guidance is advised.


Background Music: Various Coronet videos – ALL Public Domain 
and a theme composed by Jeje Santos (Giniling Festival)






Bogart the Explorer: MOTELS AND YOU