Body Alignment Treatment from Japan – Karada Body Therapy

We have all heard of spas and ‘wellness centers’. They have one thing in common: they are places for one to wind down and relax. After just a few days though, our hectic lifestyle when in Manila stresses us all over again. For many, this results in physical pain, mental fatigue, and low productivity. Could it be that our own physiques are out of tune and in need of body alignment? Enter Karada Body Therapy, the Bistro Group’s answer to literally ‘fixing’ the body.


Body Alignment Treatment from Japan – Karada Body Therapy


Unlike a traditional wellness center, Karada focuses on body alignment (or rather, REALIGNMENT), returning the body to its original and optimum orientation. It has its origins in Japan, and is actually part of the Japanese delegation to the London 2012 Olympics!



 Minimalist interior translates to maximum efficiency.



The Place

Karada is located along Kamagong Street, a short taxi-ride from either Makati or Manila. The place itself is a simple and unassuming establishment, for an even more Japanese minimalist vibe. The staff informed me that the Karada procedure focuses on efficient therapy sessions, hence why the ‘beds’ are separated from each other with just basic dividers. This is so a patron could simply walk in, have a body alignment procedure, and leave – without a minute of his time wasted.



 Training center beds.



 The well-equipped body alignment training center.



Karada Body Therapy has its own training center in the same building as well. The instructors and more senior staff received their training in the art and science of body alignment from Japan, ensuring first-hand knowledge passed on to their newer staff members. This also ensures therapy quality.



The author receiving his leg body alignment procedure. 



 Simple but comfortable layout.



The Process

A quick diagnostics from the expert staff sounds a little intimidating at first, since we are accustomed to thinking a tired body is simply that – a tired body. The Karada analysis reveals hidden physical problems, and gets to the root of many common physical pains. This was personally interesting to me, being very active in the running community. For example, I learned through the body alignment procedure that my running form suffers due to my right leg being a couple of inches shorter than my left, which was caused by slinging my backpack only on the right side of my body. Amazing revelations, which would have been impossible without the body alignment scan.




Karada, the best body alignment therapy to get when in Manila!



The process itself involves very exotic-looking contortions of the limbs, which were at times both incredibly challenging and painful. However, a second right after a particular stretch was achieved, there was instant relief and release. For example, my very tight neck muscles (common to those who work in offices) had to be wrung quite intensely; the satisfying ‘pops’ of air being released from the neck joints immediately made me feel very relaxed and sleepy! Deep tissue massage on pressure points were very painful as well, but I came out of it with a much better sense of muscular balance, body alignment, and physical stability.


The Verdict

Whether you spend ten hours a day in front of your office computer, or regularly run ten-milers every Sunday, body alignment is for you. In fact, it’s one of those things that you don’t think you need, but once received, the difference is incredible. I actually had a 21k run a couple of days after my Karada body alignment session, and Hiro (the senior staff member of Karada) actually challenged me to record what I felt after. With how well I felt after the session, I wasn’t surprised to find myself finishing strong and a minute faster than my previous road race. I highly recommend the Karada body alignment procedure. Be sure to hydrate well before and after!



 The author with the Karada staff!



Karada Body Therapy is located along Kamagong Street, San Antonio, Makati. 

For appointments, shoot an email to Grace at


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Body Alignment Treatment from Japan – Karada Body Therapy


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