‘Blood donor modus’ – netizen heeds warning after encounter in Ortigas area

People are finding more and more ways to steal or do harm to others, and some netizens have openly discussed the ‘blood donor modus’ that was once around the BGC area. Yes, we may have the heart to extend and help others, but one must remain vigilant and careful about what’s real and not.

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One netizen shared her experience last 2017 where she encountered the elder at 11th Avenue in BGC at around 7:30 in the morning. The latter asked if she was a blood donor and tells the lady that she needed blood donations for her child that has leukemia. She also said that she was crying and asked her to come with her to donate.

The netizen tells the elder that she had a friend working at a hospital that could possibly help her. She calls up her friend working at the hospital and her friend warns not to follow her as this leads to kidnapping. The similar incident – and the similar elder involved was also warned by a different netizen last 2015, dating even way back to 2010 – according to Abie Santos who shares the encounter at Dailypedia. 

The same person, the same story and the incident followed through even up to today. She was spotted at different locations, but recently, she was seen around Ortigas.

Rochelle Tamundong, who works in area, encountered the lady and was well aware of such modus.

The post roughly translates:

It’s creepy. The modus is still very much alive. I had a 7am shift today, I was going to be late so I was in a hurry to go to the office. Around 6:40 am, around Garnet Road in Ortigas (Chowking area to be exact), an elder approached me. “Child, are you a blood donor? I need a donor for my grandchild who has leukemia”. When I heard that, I got goosebumps. I remembered a post I read before that it once happened in BGC. It really happened! I walked past her. I observed if she was going to do anything, and when someone noticed her and she got distracted, I snapped a photo of her. Why did she turn around and stayed clear from me after she saw me taking a photo of her? Why is the modus still going on until now? I’ve been reading the posts about her since 2015. I didn’t expect that I’d encounter her myself.

Stay vigilant, everyone!

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