Blissful Blogging 101: Create a Blog Around a Life That You Love

Blissful Blogging 101 - JULY 5


Have you ever thought of launching a new idea into the world?
Maybe you’ve wanted to travel, try a new hobby, or explore a concept for a passion project or a book. Your bliss, in other words: Your happiness, your purpose or mission.

One of the best ways to track your “bliss” is through a blog. A blog — more than just a diary or journal — can be a platform for you to launch your best life. 


Blissful Blogging 101 is a half-day learning event for those who are looking to build a blog with a clear brand, direction and purpose, whether for personal pleasure, passion, or profit. The workshop is designed to give beginning bloggers an overview of the time and talent investment in creating a beautiful blog, and for current bloggers, it gives fresh inspiration on how to take a blog from good to awesome. 


Blissful Blogging 101 also explores how to use blogging as a way to launch a future project, be it for passion or profit. Using case studies of actual bloggers and examples for the blog world, it details a system that bloggers can implement on their own blogging platforms. 


Joining the workshop also includes bonus incentives: An online mastermind group for bloggers who want to continue their learning and networking, beyond the workshop. Plus, everyone in the workshop gets to take home goodies, provided by our generous collaborators and sponsors.


The joining fee for the workshop is Php1,100. This covers all workshop materials, food and drink for the event. Further details can be found at


Blissful Blogging 101 is a workshop by, a women-centric blog that explores creative, meaningful and inspired living. It is facilitated by Martine de Luna, the chief blogger and “blissmaker” of, who is herself an award-winning blogger, workshop director and speaker. 


To register, visit Slots are limited.