Bliss Nail and Day Spa: Experience Bliss at Very Affordable Prices!

When In Manila, you’ll notice that you’re surrounded by alot of busy people, some of which who can use some Bliss and an hour or two of pampering! Bliss nail and day spa gives exactly that. Located in the Katipunan strip of Elizabeth Hall’s first floor; students, busy moms and even hygiene conscious men are all welcome to try their commendable services.

Bliss, in terms of Bliss nail and day spa’s services, ranges from 90.00 to 350.00 Pesos Only! That includes Bliss services that have

1.More scrub choices for hand and foot spas

2. More customized treatments 

3. More add on services
Yes, in Bliss nail and day spa you can have your treatment customized to your needs!  


What I also love about Bliss nail and day spa is their overall look. With interiors of cool colors like Mint and White ensure a venue of pure calmness and peace. Unlike big nail spas that have too many props and such that distract you, the humble abode of Bliss nail and day spa makes you feel right at home! Its simplicity is what makes it an experience of Bliss








Bliss nail and day spa uses nail polish from Faceshop for the regular package. For those with a little more to spare can avail of  the nail polish upgrade with brands like Essie, Misa and China Glaze. Bliss nail and day spa offers classy one color polish but their best weapon is their mastery in the French Manicure. 







My Bliss experience composed of a Pamper me package for my hands and a Pamper me plus Footspa package for my feet. 

The footspa started with a cleaning process with warm water soap, then continued on with a foot-scrub, leg Peppermint scrub and massage.. 







For my nails, I opted to adhere to the mint  walls of Bliss nail and day spa, so I used these shades! Such pretty pastels that are definitely chic and trendy!





Here you’ll see the stages of what my hand went through. From the long and uneven nails, to the massage, cleaning, manicure and of course to my newly painted nails! I also chose the french manicure, with a twist of course! The base is a pastel baby pink shade while the tips are pastel lavender. Bliss used a base coat, two coats of pink, two coats of the purple tip, gloss finish and then quick dry oil for a fast finish.





My Bliss nail and day spa experience was an all-out pamper session! My hands and feet are truly happy for this Blissful experience! If you want a pamper session this long weekend, visit Bliss nail and day spa soon!







For more inquiries add Bliss nail and day spa in Facebook!

Bliss nail and day spa 

You can also contact them in these numbers:

5020257 and 09178326479

They offer home services as well!

Bliss nail and day spa is open from 10am-8pm 





Thank you to: Ms. Macel Borromeo & Debbie Zara 








Bliss Nail and Day Spa: Experience Bliss at Very Affordable Prices!


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