Bistro United’s Holiday Feast: Enjoy a Different Kind of Buffet Everyday

I love all-you can-eat buffets. Whenever I’m stressed or happy or sad, I feel that it can always be answered by a variety of dishes staring right at me. And while I frequent a ton of buffet restaurants all the time, sometimes I get bored since they serve the same thing over and over. Despite the variety, you have to admit it can get monotonous at times, especially for someone who goes to buffets at least once a week (ehem!).

I was thrilled when I was given a chance to try out Bistro United’s all-you-can eat-holiday feast, because guess what? They have themed dishes for each day of the week!

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Chef Mia Capay wants diners to feel that Bistro United is a place where they can feel good while having comfort food. She wants it to be an unpretentious place where people can just hang out. True enough, you’ll feel that exact vibe once you enter the place with its warm lights and well-lit full windows.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Asiong Salonga mentions that one of the reasons why they decided to serve different cuisine every day of the week is so that they can showcase the depth and variety of their culinary prowess since they also have a catering business. Prospective clients can visit Bistro United and see for themselves the quality of food they can expect should they choose to book with Bistro.

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The cuisine themes (for the price of Php375) are as follows: Tuesday – Pinoy Food Revival, Wednesday – Spanish Affair, Thursday – The Great Asian Invasion, Friday – Cheat Day, and lastly Saturday – Freestyle! We went on a Thursday, so we got to try The Great Asian Invasion. The spread ranged from Japanese to Chinese to Mongolian! I enjoyed every bit of the buffet, but here are my favorites:

Bistro United 55

Roast Beef

Oh boy, this was an amazing treat! These are thinly sliced US Prime Roast Beef Belly that have been marinated for 12 hours and then roasted from 6 – 8 hours on low heat. Can you imagine how tender that is? My mouth is watering at the mere thought of it. Add to that the rich pepper gravy and you’re on your way to perfection.

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Bistro United 35

Yakimoni Teriyaki

Before trying this dish, I had minimal expectations since it looked fairly simple; but when I had my first bite, the fish was so tender, it felt like it was melting in my mouth. The sauce is also perfect and didn’t overpower the dish in any way. Topped with green onions and pickled onions, a mouthful is a piece of heaven.

Bistro United 46

Fried Siomai

Bistro United 52

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering what could be so special about siomai? Well, for one, the siomai wrap is super crispy; you can hear the crunch with every single bite. It also bursts with flavor once dipped into the special sauce.

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