You Should Really Try Bistro United’s Feel Good Filipino Food

Written by Remalyn Estuesta

A new restaurant, which serves new Filipino diner food, just opened in Kapitolyo. They apply updated cooking techniques in their food. Aptly named Bistro United, bistro means a neighborhood restaurant and united (other than the fact that it’s located at United Street) means to unite people through good food.

Bistro United 05

The restaurant has an elegant, yet homey, atmosphere once you enter the premises. It’s a place where you can socialize and be cozy with your friends and family.

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Their menu is not your typical menu. The food is out of the box, but still having the essence of Filipino food. The food highlights Filipino ingredients and making it more palatable to a wider range of people.

Chef Mia Capay wanted to get rid of the notion foreigners have that Filipino food is like one pot where every ingredient is thrown inside. “What I wanted to do was to highlight certain ingredients and put it into an international dish that’s accepted not just to Filipinos but to everyone. It’s like a feel good food, because you’re happy when you eat it.  At the end of the day, that’s what you want. For people to be happy by what they eat.” she said.

And the food certainly lived up to what Bistro United wanted to convey–a feel good food that’s different but still familiar and unique.

Smoked Fish Pockets

Bistro United 07

This is smoked tinapa stuffed in crispy wantons. When you bite into it, it’s full of flavors. Simple but addicting.

Crispy Ubod Salad

Bistro United 08

This salad is for those who don’t like to eat salad because of the notion that salads aren’t very fulfilling. The salad has candied nuts in it, which adds a crunchiness, and complements very well with the salad dressing.

Grilled Cheese Dunkers

Bistro United 09

This is a panini style pressed white cheese sandwich with a homemade tomato soup. Eating this is best done dunking the sandwich into the soup to experience maximum flavors in your mouth!

Bagnet Ravioli

Bistro United 11

The Bagnet Ravioli is a homemade pasta stuffed with bagnet and sisig, and topped with bagnet chicharon bits. You can order this either drizzled in olive oil or with creamy aioli sauce. What we tried was the one drizzled in olive oil. The bagnet chicharon added a crunchiness to the dish. This was one of my personal favorites. Double thumbs up!

Dalandan Chicken with Ube Rice

Bistro United 16

I first thought that the rice would be too sweet, but it wasn’t. The rice only has a hint of sweetness of the ube that complements the tanginess of the dalandan chicken.

The Amazing Roast Beef

Bistro United 12

Another one of my personal favorites. It’s a slice of US prime roast beef that’s marinated overnight and slow roasted for 6 hours, served with au jus gravy and mashed potatoes (or rice). The meat was so tender and juicy!

Crispy Ribs with Bone Marrow Rice

Bistro United 13

Also one of my favorites, true to its name, the ribs were really crispy. Moreover, the rice also has a certain meatiness. I definitely recommend this dish to meat-lovers out there!

Adobo sa Mangga

Bistro United 14

Ever heard of adobo that doesn’t use any soy sauce and vinegar? Adobo sa Mangga is one of Bistro United’s specialty! They use bagoong and green mango puree to achieve the sourness and saltiness that vinegar and soy sauce bring to adobo. But let me tell you, you won’t even taste the difference!

Salted Yema Turon

Bistro United 17

I loved this dessert. The turon had that perfect crispiness to it and the banana and mango melts in your mouth!

Tilapia Ice Cream

Bistro United 18

When I first heard of this, I had my doubts. Who would have thought of tilapia as a dessert? But let me tell you, you will not taste any fishiness to this ice cream. In fact, it tastes like cheese! This dessert, with tilapia bits and topped with chili flakes, is sweet and savory at the same time.

You should definitely visit Bistro United and experience their feel good Filipino food.

Bistro United

Located at D-Strip Building, 20 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig
Soft Opening: March 8-13 (Operating hours: 12:00 pm -9:00 pm)
Regular Operating hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Telephone number: (02) 706 1668


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