Binkydoodles: Quirsexy Pieces That Will Rock Your Closets!

WHEN IN MANILA, any fashionista will tell you that looking quirky and sexy at the same time is almost impossible. I mean quirky and sexy don’t even run along the same lines. But as the wise men always say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”


Binkydoodles is an online store that sells the quirkiest pieces that you can find in this planet that screams S-E-X-Y at the same time. Here’s a peek on the quirsexy pieces from Binkydoodles that I love to bits.




This purple sheer mullet top from Binkydoodles is one of my favorite pieces in my bursting closet right now. I love the quirky design, the sexy sheer, and the classy purple print of the top. If I could only rock this top once a week without being labeled as an outfit repeater, I totally would.




Lately, the stars have been rocking cropped corset top from the red carpet to the busy streets of Hollywood. This cropped corset top from Binkydoodles is perfect for the summer and the bow at the back is just beautiful.




I love anything mullet…tops, skirts, and dresses. Well, except for Billy Ray Cyrus’s hair anything mullet deserves a spot in my heart list. Like this sheer mullet dress from Binkydoodles. It spells classy and sexy like no other.


So When In Manila readers, if you’re looking for pieces you can rock with just the right amount of quirkiness and sexiness, well look no further because Binkydoodles is here to give you just that WHEN IN MANILA.




Contact: 0927 483 0054


Binkydoodles: Quirsexy Pieces That Will Rock Your Closets!