“B” Rosary Bracelets from VP Binay Goes Viral: Netizens Call Foul

As elections draw nearer, politicians continue to find ways of promoting themselves further. Unfortunately, these ways may not always be ethical. After the recent tragedy in Ormoc City, VP Binay was seen giving rosaries to the families of the victims. A kind gesture with a hidden agenda according to several netizens.


In a recent post by Kath L. , she shares a photo of herself with VP Binay along with a bracelet marked with a letter B that was given to her. The B was placed on the cross itself, enraging several Christians as they claim it was a sign of disrespect.  While most netizens claim it is another foul move from the politician, others find other meaning for the letter B.

B Rosary

What do you guys think of this? What do you think the letter B stands for?