Big Skinny Wallets Fit All the Things You Need to Carry

As you transition into the world where everything becomes fast-paced and hectic, the need for ‘all-in-one’ things, as I’d like to call them, becomes increasingly important, especially when it comes to the things you carry inside your bag.

No matter what your lifestyle is like, there’ll always be a time where you’ll wish you had a wallet that’s as small and as lightweight as possible.

For me, it became really difficult to find wallets that fit my standards, but on a chance encounter, I met Big Skinny, a US-based brand that specializes in wallets that remain slim, no matter how much stuff you put inside them. At first, I was a bit skeptical of its promise because I had already been through so many wallets that left me unsatisfied. This became yet another opportunity for me to search for the ‘one’ I’ve been looking for.

Big Skinny

Big Skinny

This slimvelope glided onto my hands with its smooth leather and magnetic clip, catching my interest with a perfect shade of purple that incited my lust for the color. Apart from its outer appearance, a convenient placing of card holders, photo slips and money flaps is at the core of this tri-fold material, making it easy to take out what you need whenever you need it.

Big Skinny


Like the slimvelope, the executive’s wallet feels the same way. Only, instead of a magnetic clip, it comes as a flap for those who want to use a ‘flick of the wrist’ whenever they make a payment.

Big Skinny

My favourite, though, is the nylon version of the slimvelope that comes in green. The material is smooth, but not to the point where it could slip out of my hands, and it is lightweight enough to not put much of a hassle to the overall weight of my everyday bag. Plus, the vibrant color makes it very easy to spot in the mass of papers and books that I usually bring with me.

Big Skinny

Big Skinny

Its capability of keeping slim is exciting! I have a stack of receipts that would otherwise make other types of wallets bulge, but that didn’t happen with Big Skinny. I’m pretty sure that it’ll still look pretty thin once all of the pockets are full, and that’s amazing! No more worrying of how it’ll fit in my bag!!

Apart from their classics, Big Skinny also offers other types of hand-helds like the brainchild of a phone case and a wallet, which is truly a staple for people who love to have everything in one place; and a convertible cross-body, which also has built-in pockets and a deep bottom for all the stuff you need to carry around, like your make-up and cards.

Big Skinny

Ultimately, Big Skinny’s products live up to their word! I’ve found myself staring at the plum slimvelope, which I’ve claimed ownership of, and mentally asking ‘How does it do this?’ every time I pull it out of my bag. Even my friends who’ve seen it ask me the same thing while complaining about the weight of their own wallets. They might be considering their choices now, haha!

If you’re looking for a product that’s easy on the eyes, is stylish and works above and beyond its purpose, give Big Skinny a try and tell me what you think of it in the comments below!

Big Skinny

Website: bigskinny.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigskinnyphilippines

Instagram: @bigskinny.ph

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