Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival – Enjoy Three Days of Northern Food

Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival – Enjoy Three Days of Northern Food


When In Manila, drive into the helm of Pampanga and indulge yourself in the best of Northern Food at this weekend’s food festival: “Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival”. 

Over the course of three days, food lovers will get the chance to enjoy regional specialties in one destination. Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival will house over 100 food stalls featuring food items from Pampanga, Metro Manila, Baguio, Bataan, Bulacan, Cagayan, Ilocos, La Union, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pangasinan and Zambales – a guarantee that a frenzy of flavors will occur and delight your taste buds.

Held in the Philippines’s “Culinary Capital”, Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival will also give light to the rich cultural heritage of the Kapampangan cuisine.

Big Bite - Final Artwork Photo

Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival – A Place to Indulge in Rich Filipino Culinary Heritage

I’m pretty sure that you’ll be delighted with what the Kapampangans have to offer. Although I’m a Tagalog, I admire the Kapampangans’ extensive and laborious style of cooking. With the flair on the play of flavors, it comes to no surprise why their food is so good.

Get your stomachs ready as a large variety of fresh produce, cooked foods and baked treats await you in the waist-busting spread, the Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival. Whether you go during breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner, there will always be something there that will suit your taste buds.

Here are some of the food that you can anticipate from Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival:

Big Bite Puto

Traditional rice cakes such as puto.


Big Bite Chicharon

Regional specialties such as Bulacan’s Chicharon.


Big Bite Empanada

Filipino Snacks such as Empanadas.


Big Bite Flan

 Beloved Filipino favorites such as Leche Flan.


Big Bite Sisig Wraps

  Innovations on Filipino dishes such as this Sisig wrapped in Lettuce.


Big Bite Baked Mac

 Comfort foods in the like of Baked Mac and Clubhouse Sandwich.



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