Bidets Are Now A Requirement For Angeles City Restrooms

Angeles City, Pampanga has just passed a revision to their city ordinance requiring all commercial and business establishments within their jurisdiction to install bidets in their restrooms. The move is in line with efforts to make the city cleaner and more hygienic. Amendments to Ordinance No. 326, the Sanitation Code of Angeles, was approved just last June 26.

The specific amendments were made under Chapter 1, Section 4, No. 74 – Public Restroom/Toilet, and Chapter IV, Sections 52, 70.4, and 97. It mandates a shift to bidets in the restrooms of commercial and business establishments like restaurants, malls, hotels, and more. The bidet may either be manual or electronic.

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Outgoing Councilor Edgardo Pamintuan Jr. initially proposed the change in policy. The issue of hygiene is especially important in Angeles City where people are always coming and going. According to Inquirer, its population of 400,000 can balloon to 1 million at night because of tourist destinations.

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Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, who signed the amended ordinance, praised the change and said: “The availability of access to a bidet helps in making sure the city is clean.”

Do you think this is something they should apply in Metro Manila?

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