Bhest Lasagna – Truly the Best Lasagna in the City

Bhest Lasagna – Truly the Best Lasagna in the City

One of my favorite things to do back when I was still rocking butterfly clips instead of my almost-blonde Brazilian Blowout hair was to snack on my mom’s lasagna. Unfortunately, because of her super busy schedule, she doesn’t spend as much time in the kitchen as she used to anymore. However, on the bright side, I discovered a lasagna that is baked to perfection – one that satisfies my tummy to the maximum level and takes me back to my seven-year-old self at the same time.

Bhest Lasagna is an online store that bakes the best lasagna I have feasted on so far! Although they do not have many options on the menu, the ones that are there are so amazing, you won’t be craving for anything else.

One of the lasagna flavors that Bhest Lasagna offers is the ever-famous beef lasagna.

Bhest Lasagna 1

I’ve always been a fan of classic beef lasagna. I remember during my high school’s Christmas Party, for example, I couldn’t wait to get in line to get some of my classmate’s homemade lasagna. Bhest Lasagna’s beef lasagna is like no other ordinary beef lasagna, though.

Bhest Lasagna 2

Secondly, it’s beautiful! The lasagna is baked to perfection. The layers are firm and the lasagna is very easy to slice; unlike some other types of lasagna where the dish breaks once the knife goes through it.

Bhest Lasagna 3

Lastly, the bursting of beef, red sauce, and melt-in-your-mouth cheese are enough to let one munch on the entire tray without the slightest thought of the impending weight gain due to all the snacking.

Apart from the beef lasagna, Bhest Lasagna also offers chicken lasagna! 

Bhest Lasagna 4

Unlike their beef lasagna, Bhest Lasagna’s chicken lasagna is more silent and refined in taste, but just as good.

Bhest Lasagna 6

Since I’ve always preferred pasta with white sauce than with red sauce, this probably explains why Bhest Lasagna’s chicken lasagna has made it to my list of favorite pastas with no sweat at all.

Bhest Lasagna 7

Like their beef lasagna, Bhest Lasagna’s chicken lasagna is baked to perfection. One doesn’t even have to worry about breaking the dish when slicing it.

Bhest Lasagna 8

Lastly, the sauce is heavenly! The cream and the chicken works really well in bringing out the best in this dish.

To serve as a buffer to these two heavyweights, Bhest Lasagna also offers delicious garlic bread.

Bhest Lasagna 10

The bread has just the right amount of garlic and is a bit sweet, perfectly balancing out the flavors of their lasagna.

Bhest Lasagna 11

Bhest Lasagna’s lasagna and garlic bread are like peanut butter and jelly, Edward Cullen and Bella, Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw – a match made in heaven.

So, if you’re wondering what kind of food to bring to your barkada’s next potluck party or if you’re too lazy to cook anything for dinner tonight, check out Bhest Lasagna for lasagna that you absolutely cannot miss!

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Bhest Lasagna – Truly the Best Lasagna in the City


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