Beyond Basic: This Makeup Studio Teaches You How To Do Makeup That Suits Your Face!

Words by Danielle Castillo

Have you ever tried a completely new look in the mirror and said: “Yikes! What a mess.” Well, if you have, don’t feel too bad because I can guarantee you that a lot of people can relate.


Watching beauty gurus on Youtube do their makeup flawlessly is nothing short of inspiring work. It makes you want to ‘tag along’ on their wonderful journey to beauty land. However, one thing that I learned through a painful experience is that just because it worked on them, it won’t necessarily work on you too.

While it’s beautiful that people have different facial structures, skin colors, and skin types (yay for diversity!), it also makes it kind of difficult to know what kind of look flatters your face. Props Tools And Cosmetics is a makeup studio that offers personal makeup workshops that aim to solve this dilemma. If you‘re a makeup lover like me, here are a few reasons why their workshops are perfect for you.

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First of all, it’s both exclusive and inclusive. While everybody can sign up for it, it only accepts a grand total of ten students per makeup workshop! It totally doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a pro. If you’ve got a taste for learning new stuff, then this is the deal for you. Each student even gets their own comfy high chair and beauty mirror. If you’re iffy with crowds, then you don’t need to worry about that in this workshop.

Let’s move on to reason number 2! Makeup and brushes are already provided by the studio. When you sign up for the program, there are already tons of makeup opened and available there for your use. Since there are so many materials there, you won’t even need to share with the others! If you’re sensitive about things like sharing and using opened makeup, you don’t need to fret too much either. They make sure that all of the merchandise is properly cleaned. Look at all these brushes!

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You can even buy new ones in the studio because they offer a lot of brands there too!

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Last but not the least, their workshops are very intimate. Since there are only ten slots that are available per session, the makeup artists there really get to supervise each and every one of you. Their hands-on and personalized approach to teaching students makeup that suits them is the thing that sets them apart from other makeup workshops. From skin care to the color combinations that would flatter your skin, this personal makeup workshop covers them all.

The vision and mission of Props Tools And Cosmetics revolve around spreading happiness and joy through makeup. Beyond teaching basic makeup, helping people grow and discover themselves through beauty is something that the workshops aim to fulfill with every lesson.

In the end, makeup is just a prop to enhance our own beauty. You’re beautiful without it but it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to look extra glamorous every now and then (every day if you want).

What are you waiting for? Book a session now!

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