5 Things You Learn in a Beauty Boot Camp

Photos and words by Jeanne Dizon

Boot camps are usually associated with tough, military, and physical training. However, not all boot camps are done this way. Some are done in rooms, with brushes, ring lights, and makeup.

Here are five things you will learn in a beauty boot camp.

iwhite korea at paintbox artistry beauty bootcamp

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5. It is important to have a skincare routine.

The routine and products you will use should be based on the type of your skin. There are five basic skin care types: oily, combination (normal), sensitive, dry, and sun-damaged. You can find different skincare routines, but the most basic and constant steps are the following: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunblock.

If you are still trying to figure out which products and combinations work for your skin, it is better to buy the small size/pouches version. Iwhite Korea, for example, offers a wide line of beauty products such as cleanser, moisturizer, face cream, and even bb cream. It’s a Korean beauty line that is affordable and available nationwide.

anavictorino beauty bootcamp paintvbox artistry

4. You can cut your falsies.

Ana Victorino, a known beauty vlogger and influencer, shared her knowledge about makeup and demonstrated how she does a smokey eye. You may follow her at her Instagram account, @anavictorinotv.

She also gave a unique advice. When putting on falsies, cut them into half and put them below your real lashes, just above the water line. She said she learned it was easier to place the falsies if you cut them first.

Mariel Orolfo at paintbox beuaty bootcamp 2017

3. Experiment

While we have our everyday look or our favorite go-to colors, sometimes it is fun to experiment and play around with bold colors.

Mariel Orolfo, makeup artist and beauty vlogger, showed the participants how to play around with loud and bold colors. She presented how to do an avant garde makeup. You can find her on Instagram as @makeupbyleiram.

You can also experiment by trying out different hair colors. When you don’t have time to visit your favorite salon, the second option is to buy a DIY coloring product.

Liese (pronounced as Leezay) offers just that. And it’s not your usual hair color product. Liese is a cream bubble color and does not have any strong chemical scent. It’s a must-try for those who want to change their hair color.

2. Don’t sleep with your makeup on

It is a golden rule to always remove your makeup before you sleep. Your skin will thank you for it and it will lessen your chances of getting a pimple. One of the products that you can try is Biore (pronounced as Bee-yoh-ray). Biore, a Japanese brand, is known as the expert in cleansing pores.

makeup paintbox artistry

1. And lastly, be happy and confident. A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.

Paintbox Artistry held one of the biggest and hair and makeup workshops last August. The event was sponsored by some of the top beauty brands in the country.

The participants received a loot bag and discounts from different beauty brands that sponsored the event.

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