Beware of New Credit Card Scam: Fake Representatives

Most of us have credit cards. Some of us use it to simply go shopping, while others keep it in case of emergency. We take vital care of our credit card to be secured, in fact, even making a xeroxed copy of it for some transactions scares me. So what would you do if someone suddenly called you claiming your card was suddenly cancelled? Worse part is… they somehow know all your personal info.

Badette H. shares her story on Facebook in hopes of warning everyone of this new scam.


Credit Card FraUD (02)  Photo taken from Badette’s FB page


I just want to share this new fraud card modus operandi!!

This afternoon my husband received a text message from an unknown no. Saying that our credit card was cancelled and blocked for an upgrade.

He called the no. given to complain. They know all the details about us.. our address, transactions of our card and credit limit!! Sa pag hello pa lang sumagot nakakaduda na dahil parang nasa bahay lang sila at may tumitilaok pa na manok. So he didn’t give away anymore details they needed. My husband called the hotline of BPI and told them what happened.

They said this is an attempt to copy our card so don’t give any details and DON’T EVER GIVE YOUR CARD TO THEM ESPECIALLY THE LAST 3 DIGITS AT THE BACK OF YOUR CARD. After 2 hours may nagdoorbell na saying he’s from BPI at may binibigay na letter for the upgrade na pinapapirmahan!!

He just faked the signature para umalis na siya agad pero babalik daw para ibigay yung bagong card namen. This is so scary!! Please share this guys!!


Credit Card FraUD (04)  Photo taken from Badette’s FB page


Being a victim of these scams myself, I just want to also warn everyone to be EXTRA alert. These scammers move so fast that sometimes you don’t even realize your already being tricked.


Has anything like this ever happened to you? Any word of advise you guys want to share with others?