Beware of Disturbing Cartoons on Internet Disguised as Popular Kids’ Shows: Mom Warns Parents

This is why parental supervision when watching shows on TV or online is so important.

An alarmed and clearly upset mom, Kitty Jean, took to Facebook to share her experience of discovering some pretty disturbing cartoons on YouTube. What’s worse is they’re disguised as some popular kids’ shows like Peppa Pig, a show that can easily attract children as they browse online. The visuals are quite graphic. The shows’ twisted themes leave some children crying, comments on the videos say.

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Kitty Jean explains everything on her Facebook post, complete with some screenshots of the “weird cartoons.” See her post below:

Her text reads:

Parents: Please please please monitor what your kids are watching on YouTube or Kids YouTube. If they’re going to watch shows, watch with them! Supervision is so important. There’s some things that are just NOT for kids but disguised as kids shows with kids characters. I screenshotted these just now watching peppa pig with my daughter. Peppa Pig is weird enough but this channel has taken the likeness of the characters and twisted them with scary weird themes… comments say that kids are left crying. Please be aware of what your kids are watching. They get past the filters because of the characters and they’re marked for kids and will autoplay if no one is paying attention. THESE ARE FAKE VIDEOS USING KIDS CHARACTERS. They show up on both YouTube Kids and regular YouTube due tonthe characters and the content is unmonitored. Please FLAG THESE if you see anything similar. The thumbnails do change often so be careful, one you think is okay will suddenly have a horrible thumbnail on it.

*Parents should also be aware of things like suicide games. Apps, shows, etc using kids characters to get kids to do extremely harmful things.

One example I read recently was using characters from a TV show called The Winx Club and it had a step by step tutorial of how to become a fire fairy by turning on your oven and turning on the stove and letting the magic gas fill the house and to make sure to do it at night so no one hears you or it will ruin the magic. The little girl in the article ended up severely burned over most of her body after blowing up the kitchen.

Please be aware.

***update: the thumbnails change frequently!! I saved some links and now the thumbnails are all normal but the things in episode are still twisted. There’s also other characters such as Micky Mouse, Spiderman, Elsa, etc. ***

What do you think of this? Have you ever encountered something similar online? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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