BEWARE: Catcallers Can Now be Fined in Quezon City

BEWARE Catcallers Can Now be Fined in Quezon City

If you think telling a random woman that she’s sexy is okay, it’s not. And if you do it in Quezon City, you may now be fined.

Quezon City has passed an ordinance against catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment.

Under the Gender and Development ordinance, stalking, inappropriate gestures, physical contact and public “exhibition” (masturbation) are considered offenses. Even winking is considered an offense.

Those who are found violating this will be fined from P1,000 to P5,000, or be jailed from one day to one year.

According to C Administrator Aldrin Cuña:

Ang Quezon City ang kauna-unahang lungsod sa buong Pilipinas na nag-iimposena ngayon ng fines, penalties, at pagkakulong sa sinumang taong mambabastos.

Harassing a woman or a girl in public… catcalling, yung ‘pagka-tinawag mong‘Ms. Beautiful,’ ‘pa-kiss’, yan. ‘Seksi mo’, yan. Pag sa tingin at pakiwari ng babae ay siya ay nabastos, that is a light offense.

(Quezon City is the first city in the Philippines to impose fines, penalties, or jail time for those who violate this ordinance.

Harassing a woman or a girl in public… catcalling, if you call them ‘Ms. Beautiful,’ or ask for a kiss. If you say, ‘You’re sexy. If a woman thinks that she has been catcalled, that is a light offense.)

City Mayor Herbert Bautista is expected to sign the ordinance this month. After that, women may report violators at the Women’s Desk of any police station in the city.

GMA News reporter Jun Veneracion shared on Twitter further details about the ordinance:

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