Beurre-gerrific! Awesome Flowerpot Grilled Burgers

Looking for the best burgers in town?

When In Manila, check out one of our favorite burger finds – the BEURRE burger! What makes their burgers special, you ask? Beurre serves “flowerpot”-grilled burgers. Yes, you’ve read it right. Flowerpots. Those big “paso” that encases your mother’s plants. Sounds interesting. I guess that’s why I was gravitated to try their burgers! I’ve always been the “rice girl” but a unique burger like this one is always welcome on my tummy. 

So, how did the “flowerpot” burger scored on our tastebuds?


 Just by looking at it you can say that it’s a burger made out of love. And a whole lot more!



 What’s inside the Beurre burger. The arugula added a nice touch to it! Indeed, grilled burger is (almost) always a good idea. 


My first bite was divine, I got hold of almost all the yummy parts and I love love love the peppery kick their patty had! It was definitely a treat and the vegetable were refreshing to that taste. It was not pure meat madness but a good medley of meat, spice, a little sweetness from the caramelized onions and fresh veggies. Definitely a two-thumbs up for me! 


We didn’t just try the Beurre burger but also their All-American Chili Dog!


 The mango-pomegranate iced tea was the bomb too! I had four cups of it! Haha!



 It was my first time to try a chili dog and I was not disappointed! Beurre’s All-American Chili Dog is fully loaded! And it tasted great too! I like how food have interesting textures from all its ingredients and this is one of em. If you’re a big eater, then this is perfect for you (I couldn’t even finish half of it, maybe because I ate too much of the burger already).



 Thanks to these girls behind Beurre! They hold responsibility of them tasty burgers! 



 Whenever you’re in Mercato, grab some of Beurre’s “flowerpot”-grilled burgers! You can also contact them to cater your burger needs!



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Beurre-gerrific! Awesome Flowerpot Grilled Burgers


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