Best New App for Sharing and Spreading Viral Articles: Plag**

Anyone can share information on social networks but less than 1% see their content really spread. Social applications (not just networks) have a huge barrier for newcomers since they require to connect with friends or to invite them to use this service, and to build your own audience of listeners.
For average user, it’s almost impossible to reach a broad audience, regardless of how good their content is. Plag ( is levelling the playing field. Everything that’s worthy of spreading will eventually be spread to the whole community.
Plag — is a social media application where all users are connected to each other right from the start. No friending, no following.
And if people want be in touch with those, who live next to them— they also can do that with areas functionality. For example, since you’re in Manila, you will be automatically connected to the Manila area inside the app.
On Plag you can spread anything that is interesting for you. It will be served in a short format of cards, which could consist of a link, a text, a photo, a video, a poll, or a combination of these elements. And if there’s something that need more space to express the thought — there are folded cards for that.
Plag** for Android and iPhone
Plag reached 100,000 users milestone in six weeks after launch and plan to have 10 million users till the end of this year. Plag have very impressive retention metrics — there are about 11% of users log in to Plag more than 10 times a day, 5% of all sessions are longer than 30 min, and the 7-day retention rate is higher than 50%.
Plag is available to download for iPhone and Android
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