The Best Home Training Gear for Small Spaces

Whether you want to work out more as part of your New Year’s resolutions or you simply want to upgrade your home training gear because you aren’t ready to head back out into the world just yet, we’ve found some of the best gym gear brands for all of your home training needs. The best part is that you can incorporate this into your home even if you have limited space. Check them out!

The Best Home Training Gear for Small Spaces

YBell (@ybellph)

If you’re a beginner in the fitness world and aren’t sure what equipment to invest in yet, YBell would be the perfect place to start. YBell is perfect for all fitness levels, goals, and ages. They are beginner-friendly but also cater to those in higher fitness levels.

Total Sports YBell

Photo from Total Sports

YBell is great because it works as a 4-in-1 tool. It has 4 grips, allowing you to use it like a kettlebell, a dumbbell, a medicine ball, or a push-up stand, depending on your needs. No need to have a ton of equipment lying around as you work out because you can have it all in YBell! It looks great, too! It’s no wonder why the brand recently got awarded “Best Free Weights of 2021” by Women’s Health US.

Active (@trainwithactive)

In a world where some people view fitness as a “chore”, Active encourages people to change this mindset by providing equipment that will make active living easier for everyone.

For those who are always on-the-go, Active is the perfect go-to brand. Their equipment can be used anywhere anytime so you can reach your fitness goals wherever you need to be. With their solid vibrant colors, they will make each workout session much more fun!

Active Glute Bands

Photo from Active’s website

I’ve come to find that glute bands have now become a part of every woman’s gym home arsenal. Active’s glute bands stand out with their candy colors and pen strokes, making them Instagrammable and easy on the eyes. They also come in four levels instead of three so you can work those glutes even harder.

Active Yoga Mat

Photo from Active’s website

In need of a new yoga mat? Active has those, too. An essential for yoga, stretching, or any type of floor work; Active’s full-grip mats will allow you to comfortably explore movement and perform various poses without your feet slipping all over the place.

Active Foam Roller

Photo from Active’s website

If you don’t have a foam roller yet, now is the time to get one! Foam rollers are often overlooked but are essential for everyone who exercises as they can help relieve tension in the muscles and give you a good release after each workout. Equipped with double screw-type lids, the Active Foam Roller also serves as a great keeper for your keys and headphones should you decide to travel somewhere with it.

Total Sports (

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, check out Total Sports. Total Sports focuses on how fitness can be a solid foundation for your overall wellbeing, thus offering all sorts of exercise equipment at different price points to suit your budget and needs.

Total Sports Studio Dumbbells

Photo from Total Sports’ website

These 1kg Progress Studio Dumbbells are the perfect companion for your online fitness classes or even for when you’re watching Netflix and just want to get an extra workout in. Made with neoprene coating for protection and impact resistance, they ensure a tighter grip so they won’t slip out of your hands even when you sweat a lot. They also have an anti-roll design so they won’t roll away wherever you place them.

For your full-body workouts, Total Sports offers the ultimate gym equipment: the Livepro Cross Suspension Trainer.

Total Sports Livepro Suspension Trainer

Photo from Total Sports’ website

In my personal opinion, everyone needs a suspension trainer in their workout arsenal. It is the perfect gear to use for intense full-body workouts and the best part is that you can literally bring it with you anytime and anywhere. Just anchor it to a door, a beam, or even a tree; and you can work out as you please. It’s also a great tool for flexibility exercises! Plus, it is currently on sale on the Total Sports website!

If you’re looking for a jump rope to amp up your cardio workouts, Total Sports’ Livepro Speed Rope is a perfect choice.

Total Sports Livepro Speed Rope

Photo from Total Sports’ website

With its rotating joints, you can do repetitions of up to 240 singles per minute! You can also adjust the length of the rope with ease, so you can skip to your heart’s content no matter how tall or short you are. They come in cute colors, too; and they’re currently on sale, as well!

For the hardcore gym-goers, Total Sports is definitely the perfect go-to brand for you. They have Progress Olympic Bars, which are a staple for any weightlifter’s home gym.

Total Sports Progress Olympic Bar

Photo from Total Sports’ website

Perfect for weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting; their Progress Olympic Bars are available in 7ft (20kg) and 6ft (18kg). It fits plates with 2-inch holes – and of course, they’ve got plates, too!

Total Sports Progress Bumper Plates

Their Progress Olympic Bumper Plates are made of dense rubber, making them durable and safe to use. Since their choice of material is so resilient, you can lift and drop them on the ground without making a lot of noise. Their plates are sold as a pair.

A lot of people wait for a new year to start on their fitness goals while others keep making excuses and delaying it. Now is the time to stop doing that. Start on those fitness goals and get your dream body this 2021!

All of the gear mentioned above is available at Total Sports. This one-stop workout store houses all of the brands above along with Primus, a brand that focuses on fitness equipment fit for those with more space to house bigger equipment. Total Sports’ goal is to be the largest sports and fitness retailer in the country and in Asia, competing and hopefully eventually surpassing bigger sports stores in the market.

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