Bergel’s Headwear is Inspired by Filipino Art and Culture

Headwear is an essential item when wandering in this tropical country. It has many practical uses. It can be a hood, a sun guard, a mask, a hair tie, or a cap, for example. As a hiking enthusiast, I already own a few. However, none of them had interesting or cool designs.

Bergel, a brand whose founders (Geleen Lorica and Prince Bergantinos) share the same passion for travel and the outdoors, came up with the idea of creating outdoor essentials with a Filipino touch.Bergel headwear basically pays homage to Philippine art and culture wherever you go! The name of the brand, Bergel, is actually a combination of the founder’s names, but it is also meant to be a bit of wordplay for “Berge”, the German word for mountains.

Take a closer look at their headwear designs:

Bergel Headwear 5

Buscalan Headwear (Black Edition)

Does this print look familiar? The Buscalan design is inspired by the hand-tapped tattoos of the Kalinga people of Buscalan. The said tattoos, most known to be tapped by the last “mambabatok” Apo Whang-Od, are used as symbols of bravery and were once given to the indigenous Butbut warriors back in the day.

Bergel Headwear 3

Baybayin Headwear

The ancient script used by the Tagalog people was the inspiration for the Baybayin headwear. The term literally means “to spell, write, and syllabize.”

Bergel Headwear 1

Banaue Headwear

The Banaue Headwear will remind you of the beautiful Banaue Rice Terraces carved by our ancestors in Ifugao more than 2,000 years ago.

Bergel Headwear 6

Ifugao Headwear

Bergel also showcases a collection of traditional weaves, which they call Habi. The collection includes the Ifugao Headwear, which features a design of the traditional weaves of the Igorot people of the North. The handwoven textiles are most commonly known for their diamond stripes in white and red.

Bergel Headwear 4

Yakan Headwear

The Yakan Headwear is also part of the Habi Collection. Inspired by the traditional weaves of the Yakan people in the Southern Philippines, this head buff is printed with remarkable technicolor geometric weaves that the Yakan people make with pineapple plant and abaca fibers.

Bergel Headwear 2

Tribo Headwear

Standing out in its vibrance, the Tribo headwear does not just win in color, but also in its meaning Inspired by the carved humanoid figures from pre-colonial Philippines known as the Bulul and Taotao, this design also shows the Philippine Eagle, the Philippine Crocodile, the Tamaraw, and the Pawikan, some of the endangered animals in the Philippines.

Bergel Headwear 10

These are just some of their designs; make sure to check out their website for more. All of their headwear is made of 100% polyester fiber and measures approximately 28cm x 50cm.

Bergel Headwear 9

Each headwear also comes in a reusable pouch and comes with a free collectible sticker! Collect all the sticker designs!

Not only are the designs perfect for any Filipino adventurer, but all of them are also amazingly affordable at only 200 pesos. It’s not surprising that when I first tried buying Bergel headwear on their website, most of their designs were already sold out.

Bergel Headwear 11

Check out their newest headwear design called the Himalayas. The print is a collage of photos that the founders took during their trip to Nepal!

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Bergel will be launching a Filipino-inspired travel bag and a tube skirt with the same designs as their headwear soon. Bergel will also release the first safety bracelet brand in the Philippines. They are set to collaborate with other Filipino artists in the near future, as well! While we wait for their physical stores to launch nationwide, get your Bergel headwear from their website.