Ben’s Cookies: Deliciously Unique Cookies That Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s easy to be dissuaded by something that gets its traction from hype—long lines, sellouts, and Instagram foodgasms.

But rarely does it happen that the hype makes sense; when the unreasonably high expectations that are unknowingly set is easily met.

Ben’s Cookies is one of those occasions.

Ben's Cookies Store

Hailing from the Oxford Covered Market in London, this cookie brand is one of the very few that achieved global recognition simply by producing the best cookie they could ever make and staying true to the recipe that made it work in the first place. Originally a love letter from a mother to her son, Ben, the cookies have remained unchanged even after 36 years.

I am not the first to admit that I have never heard of Ben’s Cookies prior to its opening in Manila. I have never tried it during trips abroad nor have heard friends mention it in passing. In my mind, Ben’s Cookies was just another foreign brand to try on a random day at the mall.

How I was pleasantly proven wrong.

It may be bold of me to say this, but Ben’s Cookies is something worth coming back to over and over again. Its soft-baked cookies are baked fresh onsite every day and come in the most unique flavors you could ever find. It’s true that the varied selection will overwhelm you at first and lead you to gravitate towards the basic offerings like Oatmeal & Raisin or Milk Chocolate Chunk. (Which isn’t a bad thing, of course. Nothing beats the classics!)

But allow me to convince you to expand your palette and try its uniquely flavored cookies like Orange or Cranberry. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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What makes Ben’s Cookies so different is how much love is put into creating them before they are put into the display. Right down to the atmospheric temperatures, the owners take every minute detail into consideration just to put out the same cookie you can have anywhere else in the world.

And with how much care and attention they give their cookies, you’d think it would come with a hefty price. Nope! Ben’s Cookies in Manila is the cheapest around the world! A single cookie costs PHP 90, a box of 5 with 2 free cookies is PHP 450 (PHP 64 per piece), while a large box of 10 with 5 free cookies costs PHP 900 (PHP 60 per piece). Sulit!

Ben’s Cookies is a worthy example of what a truly good cookie tastes like. One bite and you’ll keep wanting more. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

Ben’s Cookies

Ground Floor, Podium Mall / 2nd Floor, Fashion Hall, SM Megamall


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