Here’s Where You Can Shop For Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Words and Graphics by Clarissa Li

Christmas shopping can really be a pain when everyone’s panicking over what presents to get and where to shop. Because of this, many of us tend to do it at the last minute, right at the peak of the holiday season. Before the hunger games begin next week, I’ve compiled a list of places I think would help you pick your shopping map out. So sit back, grab a pen or a pencil, and take notes. We’re going on a journey of enumerating the pros and cons for your shopping needs.

Local Websites:

My very first go-to place for shopping for packaging supplies or affordable gifts. It’ll never let you down (unlike your crush…joke). Sure, shipping may take time but if you were good this year, it might arrive before December 24. I’ve been shopping on local websites for 3 years in a row and the best part is that I haven’t gone broke (yet)!


  • The cheapest, most convenient place to shop
  • Best for those who want to get shopping done as soon as they can (as long as you do it early)
  • Delivery can be slow especially near Christmas day itself
  • Websites offer quality items at the cheapest price, and it’s much easier to find what you want to gift!
  • If you’re lazy like me, this is for you

International Websites

I’ve bought gifts from international websites this year. They may take time to ship but it guarantees great and high-quality products. If you’re planning on splurging a bit, international websites are the way to go (especially since Black Friday and 11.11 happened recently)! Plus, the satisfaction of seeing the big packages and opening them up is pretty darn appealing!


  • Amazing packaging. No cap
  • Great for buying authentic products like branded makeup and bags!
  • Pricier shipping and they tend to take pretty long. It can be worth it, though, if your loved ones don’t mind late gifts!
  • Also great for those who are too lazy to go shopping out of their homes
  • Presentable and great for that ‘woah’ factor!


I usually scavenge for fair prizes and gifts here. They never fail to offer the cheapest products and they have the most affordable stuffed toys. I wouldn’t say it’s for the faint of heart, but I can assure you that this will not burn a hole in your pocket and that you’ll go back home with more trinkets than you meant to buy.


  • Super affordable products!
  • A lot of options (stuffies, gift packaging supplies, toys)
  • Very packed near Christmas
  • Great for hunting down huge amounts of presents
  • Will be your place if you live around the area (or are willing to make it there because they have almost everything!)


Personally, the bookstore is one of the best places to get presents. They’ve got books, stationery, pens, and wrapping supplies. Plus they’re everywhere and it’s pretty accessible. If you don’t want to go to the mall to get your shopping fix, the bookstore is for you.


  • Great, cozy environment for shopping
  • Isn’t usually that packed, unless it’s the weekend
  • If you’re into making senti and effort gifts, you can get your supplies here
  • Options can be a little bit limited if you’re looking for specific things
  • Best bet if you aren’t looking for anything too specific

Instagram Pages

When in doubt, use Instagram hashtags. I’ve always used the #cookiesph or #giftsph hashtags whenever I needed something websites couldn’t offer. There’s a wide array of products that are offered in this case, and the options usually never fail to surprise me. You also get to support local! 


  • Cute, unique products!
  • Wide selection of presents
  • A lot of interaction with the owners, for sure
  • Payment options are limited (If you’re a Cash On Delivery person, this might be a big obstacle)
  • Products are generally affordable
  • Super amazing concepts! Definitely check out the pages listed, those are amazing!


I went to bazaars a couple of times and these tend to be extra exciting especially during the holidays. If you enjoy shopping while drinking or eating, this will pass your vibe check. Plus, you’ll feel extra festive in the process! What more can you ask for?


  • Food
  • Cheap options!
  • Not that effective if you need something specific
  • Good for getting into the holiday spirit!
  • Amazing shopping experience. Buy jewelry and stuffies while you munch on Filipino delicacies and gulaman
  • If you don’t have anything in mind to give, the selection should be good enough for deciding!

Local Malls

My family shops in the mall when it comes to their gifts. They’re fast, convenient, accessible, and have all the options you’ll ever need. Most of the time, sales happen during the holiday season, so that’s perfect for anyone who wants to splurge a bit.


  • Huge crowds
  • The WIDEST, LARGEST selection of presents
  • Has literally everything you need
  • Affordable and expensive options, take your pick!
  • One-stop shopping sort of thing
  • If you’re not willing to wait for shipping (especially online shopping), this is the fastest way to get Christmas shopping done with
  • Last-minute shopping has never been easier
  • Your feet and arms will fall apart


Sweet treats will win over anyone’s heart. If you just want to send your loved ones cookies or pastries, bakeshops are the cutest places to shop. They’re simple, heartfelt, and fulfilling. And if you’re afraid they won’t be of use, they’ll definitely be gobbled up quickly!


  • Speedy shopping
  • Aesthetically pleasing gifts
  • Simple and heartfelt
  • It can be pricey depending on what and how much you buy
  • Might be hard to access since bakeshops aren’t that widespread
  • Great for those who are lazy to think of too much presents
  • Very very yummy. And you can pick up a few for yourself in the process. (It’s the holiday season, you deserve it!)

Now, I think it’s about time you decide. I know it’s a lot to take in, but I hope this gave you the information you needed to join the shopping hunger games. Good luck, and I believe in you. You got this. Now buy your presents!


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