Beauty and Brains: These 6 Gorgeous Dentists Will Make You Smile Brighter

Words by John Peter Himor

This is the season of acknowledging empowered, intelligent, and gorgeous Filipinas in the workplace! Women have always played a great and important part in fields such as medicine and engineering, and we believe in recognizing their skill and talent because, after all, they make up half of the workforce!

You will encounter these amazing women everywhere, and with their beauty and brains, they surely will make your day much sunnier. And if they’re dentists, well, they’re also bound to make you smile much brighter! Here are seven stunning dentists who will take good care of your gums and, if you’re lucky, your heart!

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  6. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Marigomen

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Marigomen, or Dr. Betc as her friends and colleagues call her, is that woman you would call a jack of all trades. Back in college at Centro Escolar University, Dr. Betc was an academic scholar, an athlete, a student leader, and an active choir member. Professionally, she is now pursuing post-graduate studies at the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry for cosmetic dentistry. Now that’s what we call a complete package!

5. Dr. Audrey See

Dr. Audrey gets the best of both worlds by being both a licensed dentist and a certified foodie. She probably never has to worry about any cavities when she’s out eating her desserts! Dr. Audrey is a merit awardee and a proud graduate of the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry – Esthetic 101 program. But other than being an amazing cosmetic dentist, Dr. Audrey is also a pageant queen, a cosplayer, and a gamer! Who would have thought that our dentists also love playing on their PS4s?

4. Dr. Abby Robles

There’s nothing quite as special as a frustrated writer. Dr. Abby Robles calls herself one all while being a graduate of Centro Escolar University where she was an active member of the student council, for which she was awarded a Special Leadership Award from the University President. She is also very good with kids—always a great plus! Dr. Abby is currently training in Endodontics.

3. Dr. Roselyn Gomez-Sampaga

Dr. Roselyn Gomez-Sampaga is an all-around dentist specializing in different fields, such as Prosthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or TMJ. She’s already got the skills and the killer looks, but Dr. Roselyn sure looks like she has something more up her sleeve.

2. Dr. Jacqueline Dos Santos

Dr. Jacqueline Dos Santos, or Doc Jackie, is a remarkable Cosmetic Dentist and Orthodontist who graduated from the University of the East. As a scholar from university, she was an active member of the Achievers’ Council for Excellence. Her intelligence, her sensibility, and her style are what Doc Jackie is most known for, as well as for her excellent dancing!

1. Dr. Gelene Roleda

From Cebu Doctors’ University, Dr. Gelene Roleda was another achieving student back in her college days. Despite juggling her academics and extracurricular work, Dr. Roleda maintained high marks and finished as top 3 of her batch! Young but already highly experienced, Dr. Gelene remains to be an achiever even in her professional career as a dentist.

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