LOOK: These future dentists ‘work smart’ to find patients

Roi Alporha, a student pursuing Doctor of Dental Medicine from Centro Escolar University (CEU), posted a story on Facebook about how they were able to quickly round up patients as part of their requirements.

Roi told WhenInManila.com, “We are required to finish these dental services on live patients. We have to complete almost 200 cases in the course of four semesters.”

“So in order to finish (the requirements), we needed to go around the streets of very populous Manila. To hunt patients is a very easy task, at least for me, with 97% of Filipinos with dental caries, it’s always a jackpot. I believe the hard part is their willingness to which is determined by two primary factors – phobia and conflict of schedule. That’s why we have to sort out people who are willing, so we came up with the placard idea. Kasi nakakahiya po talaga to ask out of the blue ‘May sira po ba ang ngipin niyo?’ It’s like sounding judgmental of their oral hygiene when in fact you just want to help,” he added.

For the procedures, the future dentists will be closely supervised by a licensed clinical instructor. They will not be allowed to perform any procedure without undergoing a thorough clinical orientation. The services they will provide are absolutely free.

He shared:

Dental Patient Hunting Made Easy
With EXTRA effort comes EXTRA results. 💯 Share ko lang to other clinicians how me and Anna Cabuguas had 20 patients up for some of our requirements in just 3 hours of traveling and walking (through strong winds and rain) from CEU to G. Tuazon.

Nagpagawa kami ng laminated placards sa Recto (PM for orders 😂) because personally, nakakahiyang magtanong out of the blue ng “May sira po ba ngipin nyo?” Through this, we will get their attention and TRULY reverse the process of them calling us than us calling them. (Minor detail na yung pacute si Anna dito hahaha kala mo ang nipis)

Sa jeep palang meron na nagbigay ng number!!! Class 3 resto mga beshie hahaha!

We posed for a timer shot. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY. Papa-copyright na namin. HAHAHAHAH!

In just 3 mins of walking, tadaaaa!!! RPD na bilateral (lower).

Medyo nakakahiya at first kasi pinagtitinginan kami but well, hiya is important but CLINIC is “IMPORTANTEST.”

Ngitian nyo nalang kapag sinitsitan kayo… just like this HAHAHAHAHAHA!

We are even able to enter a tailor shop which resulted to another RPD Lower na Bilateral, and guess what? CD!!!

Kapag may ulan, of course, expect kids na maliligo diba? And luckily, these kids had friends na tinawag din kami, tapos mga nanay nila and their kumares na up for the requirements because according to them “Ayan oh, libre na!”

Very useful guys!!! TRY NYO!!! 20 cases in 3 hours!!! Hahahaha!!! Tipid kana sa agent, kapit-dorm mo pa. 😂😂😂We had RPD, CD, and MDA + resto and exo patients in just 3 hours.

Remind them of your schedule and speak CONFIDENTLY. Valid IDs and Birth Certificates, etc. Be cautious din sa requirement kung ano ba talaga kailangan niyo. Ayun lang, Goodluck!!!

Roi is currently in his fifth year. He hopes to graduate in 2020.

If you want to know more about this project, you can check it here.

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