Bears of Joy: The Gift that Gives

Christmas season is here and gift suggestions for every person you have in your life – parents, godchildren, your own kid, siblings, friends, officemates etc., are everywhere! Allow me to jump in on that bandwagon as I share some gift suggestions with you.

I have been looking for something nice and affordable to give to my colleagues at work for some time now. While I was out shopping for toy gifts to give my godchildren at the mall, I found these oh-so-cute bears at Toy Kingdom.


I love stuffed toys, I do – especially bears! As such, I couldn’t help but check out these bears on display. Most of the people I work with at the office nowadays are young ladies – like in-their-early-20s-I-just-got-out-of-college kind of young so I thought these bears were worth considering as gifts!

They are called Bears of Joy. I had only heard about them when I went to Toy Kingdom, but when I asked the cashier about them, I was told this has actually been an initiative by SM Cares for some time now. For only Php200, you get to buy a pair of these bears: 1 for you to keep or give to someone you know and one to give to a less fortunate child in a charity through SM). They come in different colors, by the way: blue, dark red, the traditional brown, yellow and light red.

I read a financial literacy book recently called 9 Secret Sweldo Tips to be a 20-something Millionaire and one of the tips was to give back to the community. Buying these bears allowed me to do just that!


I gave one to Belle, one of the account managers in our office and she placed it on her desk. She said, in our line of work where things can get pretty stressful, having something as cute and cuddly as this bear on her desk helps alleviate some of that stress even for a minute or two.


There’s nothing more satisfying than giving a gift that your recipient actually likes! In a way, I like to think I brought a little joy to them with my gift. I know Belle couldn’t take her eyes off of the bear I gave her.

So, if you still haven’t gotten everyone in your list a Christmas gift just yet, allow me to recommend these Bears of Joy – make someone you know and a less fortunate child out there happy. After all, isn’t Christmas the season to give love and joy? These bears are available at SM Malls nationwide – just look for the Bears of Joy booth.

Bears of Joy

Toy Kingdom, SM Malls


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