9 Secret Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire: A Book Review

Being a young professional earning quite a nice and comfortable amount of money in the corporate world without dependents and living at home with my parents for the entire 30 years that I’ve lived in this world, I have to say that I am guilty of being carefree when it comes to my hard-earned money, particularly on how I use it.

I’ve been working for about nine years now, but what have I got to show to for it? Not a lot, I must confess. Until about two years ago, I’ve been part of the population who’s been living paycheck to paycheck. I want that ugly cycle to stop and that’s why I have been doing some efforts to manage my money better, so that my future self will thank me for it. One of those efforts is to become financially educated.

So, when an opportunity to read and do a book review of Lianne Martha Maiquez Laroya’s personal finance book, 9 Secret Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire presented itself, I took it.


Here are the things I liked about 9 Secret Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire:

3. It was very conversational.

It makes you feel like you’re simply talking to a friend and not reading a personal finance book. Just look at these headlines:




This is exactly how young Pinoys talk nowadays, right? It helps that Lianne is of the same age as her target readers, so she knows the right approach to capture and hold their attention.

2. It was easy to read.

I liked that it was written in layman’s term and wasn’t technical at all. Even the illustrations were cute and designed exactly to appeal to the twenties and thirties readers like me.




I especially liked the third illustration. This was when Lianne talked about budgeting. Instead of using a pie chart, she made use of coffee cups in different sizes like how we young folks would order coffee at our favorite coffee shop: tall, grande and venti.

1. It was also interactive.

It doesn’t just give tips to the readers. It encourages them to participate actively, too.


Lastly, what I liked about this book is that it was not preachy nor does it feel reprimanding you for all the wrong or careless decisions you’ve ever made in your past. Instead, it will make you feel like it’s a friend trying to give you a pep talk. “You can do it! You can be a millionaire! Go! Go! Go!” You’ll feel it right off the bat, starting with the dedication of her book.


Bro. Bo Sanchez, a best-selling author, recommends Lianne Martha’s book, too. On the cover page of the book, he wrote Lianne is refreshing. People in their twenties and thirties *must* read this. You can never start too early in building your path to financial freedom.”  And you know what? I agree with him, 100%. Lianne was able to write a personal finance book that will not bore you halfway, but will instead make you say “Ahhh…Interesting!”

There are a lot of learning one can get from reading this book. Whether you are a young twenty something just starting to get a feel of having his/her own money or whether you’re a thirty something person like me who wants to learn how to use his/her money wisely and make it grow as well, I highly recommend this book! This will be a good investment that your future self will thank you for.

Like the book, Stupid is Forevermore, 9 Secret Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire is also available in National Bookstore branches nationwide.

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