Beach Hut Women’s Beach Football Festival Promotes Grassroots Women’s Football

How many all-girls sports teams did you see around you when you were growing up?

Believe it or not, it has been a very rare sight for people of previous generations to come across an all-girls sports team. In fact, even Bethany Talbot, Field Player of the UP Women’s Football Team, says this was “unheard of” when she was growing up.

“I think it’s probably a common experience for all of us to have grown up playing football with boys,” she says of herself and her fellow athletes. ”It was already a privilege for us to play in a mixed category and that was mixed, meaning one girl, max two girls.”

Because of this fact, Beach Hut Sunscreen’s core brand advocacy of promoting grassroots women’s football means so much – and not just to female athletes in the Philippines but to women in general. Aside from promoting the sport, the Beach Hut Women’s Beach Football Festival also serves as a platform for girls to further develop their skills through a series of competitive games.

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What is the Beach Hut Women’s Beach Football Festival?

We all know Beach Hut for its sunscreen – a true beach essential – and we love that they are redefining themselves and elevating their presence in women’s lives through their Women’s Beach Football Festival – definitely a first of many to come.

We were able to witness the talented girls in action in Boracay and were amazed by how much heart they put into each game. Playing football is no easy feat (what more under the heat and on the sand!); but these girls persevered and showed us just how much passion, dedication, and love they have for the sport. We simply cannot wait to see how far they go!

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

The Beach Hut Women’s Beach Football Festival champions Beach Hut’s commitment to supporting women’s football through a series of beach football games all under the maximum protection of Beach Hut Sunscreen.

This year, seven talented and inspiring teams from Luzon and Visayas competed in the finals with Beach Hut FC coming in at third place to win Php25,000; Borongan FC coming in at second place to win Php50,000; and Manila Digger coming in as the all-around champion to win the Php100,000 grand prize.

Beach Hut Football Sand

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

“It’s really amazing to see Beach Hut have these initiatives,” Bethany beams. “I’m glad that Beach Hut is taking the initiative now to create more tournaments, especially for girls. It makes me really excited to get to see them experience what we never got to experience. It’s really exciting.”

As for what they hope to see from Beach Hut’s beach football events moving forward, Hali Long, Team Captain of the Women’s National Football Team, says she hopes to see more teams join. “If they can make this accessible nationwide, that would be amazing,” she points out.

“But it’s not just Beach Hut. It’s going to take a lot more nationwide but with this kind of exposure, really good eyes on this event. Perfect timing, but it starts with the opportunity, the investment, and the exposure that kids can have,” and Beach Hut has given these girls exactly that.

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Photo from Beach Hut

Of course, Beach Hut’s creation of the first all-girls football club in the Philippines, Beach Hut FC, and the 2024 Beach Hut Women’s Beach Football Festival are only the first steps for the brand’s initiatives.

They hope to continue to hone girls’ skills around the country so they can train and compete both in local and international levels of football – we will be here to support and cheer them on every step of the way.

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