The Barbers Avenue: Premium Barbershop in Manila  

I live almost an hour away from Ortigas, but I go there once a month just to get my hair cut.  

It’s quite difficult to find a great barbershop, let aone the best barber to keep your hair (and, of course, you, in general) looking good. Once you do find your go-to man-grooming hub, it gets even harder when that establishment isn’t near your general vicinity. However, if you’re like me and you don’t want to compromise on quality, you might want to go an extra mile to ensure you don’t get disappointed.

Just recently, a barbershop opened called The Barbers Avenue in Taft. It has those tavern vibes and its sophisticated lounge will immediately surprise you in a good way. How can a place like this be so close to students and residents in Manila?

Aside from the accessibility for Manila residents, The Barbers Avenue also takes pride in their services. The owner, KM Ramos (an entrepreneur and a fitness trainer), wants his customers to have a complete man-pering experience. You won’t just go in for the cut; you’ll go for the convenience, comfort, and credibility. 

I tried it out and availed of their ‘The Cut & Wash‘ (Php350) service. In all honesty, it turned out really well and I came out of The Barbers Avenue feeling more prepared to go about my agendas for the day.

Cut + Shampoo

It’s always assuring when you know that your barber has enough experience to give you the cut you want. You just show them the style you’re eyeing for and they will deliver—that’s what makes them credible. 

Some barbershops charge an additional fee if you want to get your hair washed, but that service is conveniently included in their ‘Cut & Wash’. This way, you won’t have to worry about having hair all over and feeling uncomfortably itchy when you need to go someplace else afterward.  

Hot Towel + Massage

After your cut, you will be asked to lie down on the reclining chair and they’ll put a hot towel on your face. It’s a nice way of moisturizing and cleansing your face; plus, it promotes better blood circulation. As you enjoy the hot towel, the barber will also give you a head, shoulder, and arm massage for maximum comfort and stress relief. 

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Complimentary Drink

To cap everything off, you get the choice to drink beer, coffee, iced tea, or water as your refreshment. You can also claim your free drink while waiting for your turn in case you’re in a queue. Either way, it’s nice to note that you can just chill in the lounge with a drink in your hand. 

Other Services: 

The Cut & Shave (Php650) – includes a cut, a shave, shampoo, a hot towel, a massage, and a complimentary drink 

The Shave (Php350) – includes a shave, a massage, and a complimentary drink  

The Quick Fix (Php270) – includes a cut and shampoo  

After all that, I think I found the best barbershop near me! At only Php350, all those inclusions made my trip to The Barbers Avenue worth it.   

Whether you live in Manila or not, visit them for your next cut and experience a premium and complete grooming experience!

The Barbers Avenue

2264 G/F Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue, Manila  

Open Daily: 10AM – 10PM  



Instagram: @thebarbersavenue


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