Ban Private Cars on EDSA? Lawmaker Gives Idea to Solve EDSA Traffic

It seems that EDSA traffic is becoming worse and worse. Different people, from civilians to lawmakers, start pitching their ideas to decongest the so-called “24-kilometer parking lot.” Now that it’s September and the holiday rush is expected to hit soon, one lawmaker shared his ideas on easing the traffic.

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Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice proposed that private vehicles be banned on EDSA during rush hours. “Ang aking proposal, mula alas-6 hanggang alas-9 ng umaga, at mula alas-6 ng gabi hanggang alas-9, e ipagbawal na ang mga private vehicles sa EDSA. Mga mass transport, iyan na lang ang pwede nating padaanin diyan,” he explained. (Rough translation: My proposal is to ban private vehicles on EDSA from 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm. Let’s only allow mass transport to pass through.)

A few netizens commented on how it would only make the other roads congested because many of the private cars would opt to pass through there instead. Others expressed how unfair it is for those who go to work using their private cars.

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