Bambinellie’s: ‘Over-the-Top’ Milkshakes for You and the Barkada

There’s a battle going on in Malabon, and it’s not even about whose specialty pancit is the best anymore. The past three years have produced several cafes which offer “overloaded” beverages that are within reach; that is, you get more value for your money. I have featured one cafe in this city some time ago which serves cool frappes brimming with toppings. Now, among those that compete for the next food attraction include this quaint little café known for its “over-the-top” milkshakes: Bambinellie’s.


The café’s interiors are inspired by what Mabel Tanchoco, the owner, would call “shabby chic”. It has a garden theme that features simple furniture and elaborate fixtures, lending an ambience that is relaxed and homey.




Also, check out these “swinging” seats that are a favorite spot among customers (though you have to be there early to get first dibs on it). It’s actually like chilling out at the children’s playground, only with food served in front of you.


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Like most cafes in Malabon, Bambinellie’s opens at 3:00 in the afternoon; just the ideal time when patrons ranging from students to café regulars start pouring in to have some snacks. The cafe can get crowded, though, so the alfresco dining is a nice option. They stay open until 11:30 PM to cater to the evening guests who would come by for dinner (at some instances they would even serve customers beyond the operating hours, which speaks a lot about the café’s popularity in the neighbourhood). Yep, Bambinellie’s menu isn’t limited to just snacks but also includes rice meals.


First off, we had a taste of their main dishes. We were served with the classic tapsilog (Php 90). Though there’s nothing special about it, the vinegar dip that comes with it is outstanding because it’s home-made. In fact, almost all of their menu offerings are made from their own recipes.

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The next dish was the Chicken Chops (Php 75), a new take on chicken fillet which is crunchy and coated with barbeque powder for an added zing. It has a generous serving, too, which gives you value for your money. And the gravy—we have no idea how they made it because it is tasty. Other flavors of the chops include sour cream, salt ‘n pepper, and cheese.


We had another lunch dish–the Ilocano cuisine’s staple, Bagnet (Php 110). It is deep-fried pork belly that comes with two dips: soy sauce and gravy. It tastes like lechon kawali yet more flavorful; perhaps due to the special seasoning they used.


On the lighter meal option, Bambinellie’s also offers the classic lasagna (Php 150), an Italian pasta that has a flavorful tomato sauce and served ala carte with slices of garlic bread on the side.

Bambinellies10(From L-R: Hazelnut Frappe Overload (Php 149), Rainbow Cheese Milkshake and Mocha S’more Milkshake (both Php149)

And because we need something to wash those munchies down our stomachs, we had these concocted drinks that are overflowing with toppings. One mason jar of the milkshake (the coffee-based Hazelnut Frappe is bigger, tough) will include garnishes of all kinds, depending on your choice of drink: round candy, wafer, caramel popcorns, cotton candy, sprinkles, marshmallows, imported chocolates and s’mores. The combined taste of the flavorings, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, makes for a satisfying thirst-quencher that’s not short on the flavor department. We agreed that the taste is easily comparable to those offered in mall-based drinks kiosks.


To cap off the festive meal, we had the Waffle Kitkat (Php 120) for dessert. It is a chocolate-flavored waffle topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and Kitkat fingers, and drizzled with chocolate syrup. It’s indeed a nice meal-ender, owing to its chocolatey goodness that doesn’t make you feel “umay” even after all those hearty dishes you’ve munched down.

If you are looking for a new hangout to have your sweets fix and the usual afternoon fare, Bambinellie’s is the place to be: good food, nice ambience and affordable prices. You will soon find out why Malabon is indeed one of the rising foodie spots in the metro—that is, in case you didn’t have a clue.



231 General Luna Street Barangay Ibaba, Malabon City
Telephone No.: (02) 734-0906
Facebook Page: Bambinellie’s