Avoid Travel Nightmares With These 8 Handy Essentials

Ever left your wallet at home during a day trip? Or your toothbrush by the sink after heading out for a week-long camping trip?

Anyone who’s ever experienced little mishaps like these knows all too well that even the small things can lead to big misfortunes, especially when it comes to travel.


As hectic as travel planning can get, what with packing your luggage, securing visas, and booking hotels, it’s no wonder we gloss over the little things—which, more often than not, end up being extremely important. But don’t sweat the small stuff, we’ve got you covered!

Keep travel inconveniences from morphing into full-blown travel nightmares with these handy essentials:

8. Wi-Fi Internet

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In this digital age, Wi-Fi is a necessity, no matter where you go. It’s where we make our hotel bookings, read restaurant reviews, and look up maps when we’re lost in foreign places. And not only is it a necessity for fast transactions and easy access to information but with the advent of social media, being a thousand miles from home gets a little less lonely when friends and family are just a message or video call away.

So make sure you’ve got a solid internet connection 24/7 at your destination, whether it be with a data-roaming plan or with a pocket Wi-Fi device. If you’re heading out of the country, make sure to check KKday’s Wi-Fi Internet and Sim Cards that are redeemable at the airport of your destination.

7. Travel Checklist


First things first: packing. When it comes down to it, most people don’t even know where to start. Looking around your room and throwing in everything you think you might need into your luggage is usually the most common strategy. But when you’ve desperately cram-packed half your household into your luggage the night before and, halfway to the airport, realize you’ve completely forgotten to bring your plane tickets—you’ll discover it definitely isn’t the most optimal one.

Avoid the Pack and Pray (You Didn’t Forget Anything) routine with a well thought-out travel list, a comprehensive checklist of anything you might need on a trip, conveniently listed to make packing quick and easy, without fear of leaving anything important behind. Sit down a week before the trip and take a couple hours out of your day to type and print one out to use for future trips. Pressed for time? Ready-made travel lists like are lifesavers that not only save you the time and effort, but come paired with a Daily List to keep a weekly track of things like your activities and budget during your trip, helping you arrive prepared, organized, and hassle-free.

6. Document Holder

Your travel documents are the most important thing you need for your trip. And yet sometimes we find ourselves so carried away by the pre-trip planning mania that it’s only when we’re anxiously rifling through our luggage at the airport that we remember the passport still on the desk at home, or the hotel booking receipt still taped to the fridge.

An easy solution? A bright, eye-catching document holder. One vivid enough to catch your attention as you leave for the airport, or brightly-colored enough to spot quickly in a luggage bag full of stuff. We recommend something with multiple pockets to store things like train tickets or small planners, and card holders for important IDs and credit cards. Add some fun by getting one with a funky print, like this evil-eye themed passport holder that keeps your documents safe while warding off curses and bad juju.

5. Luggage Strap with Weighing Scale

Nothing spells inconvenience more than having to pay the overweight baggage fee, especially when it comes unexpected and ruins your careful budgeting plans. With bathroom weighing scales hardly accurate enough for travel and paired with the differing weight requirements for varying airlines, your luggage weight can end up being your biggest inconvenience, especially if you’re on a tight travel budget.

Thankfully, technology has graced us with wonders like luggage straps that come with built-in weighing scales. Usually available in shops that cater specifically to travel accessories, these luggage straps are a godsend for over-packers and travel shopaholics that view luggage space and weight as vague, abstract concepts. This TSA-approved luggage strap does double duty, with both a weighing scale and a 3-combination lock, keeping your luggage safe and at its appropriate weight at all times.

4. Luggage Cover

Arguably one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of the trip is the waiting game at the baggage carousel. What if some stranger accidentally takes your luggage by mistake? Or worse: what if your luggage has gotten lost in the labyrinth of conveyor belts and luggage carts along the way? Nothing sucks more than arriving at your destination sans clean clothing.

So keep sane at the baggage claim and prevent accidental luggage-switching by investing in a distinctive luggage cover. Not only should the cover protect your bag from the scrapes and scratches of rough handling, but spotting your bag the moment it appears on the carousel should be instantaneous and thus, worry-free. This luggage cover should set you apart from the rest with a bit of Southeast Asian pride.

3. Travel Adaptor

The universal 21st-century travel nightmare: forgetting your gadget chargers at home. But when you’ve managed to bring them but find the sockets don’t match, isn’t it practically the same thing? No one wants to waste precious travel time hunting for adaptors.

Ergo, travel adaptors should become the utmost travel necessity. Always pack your own travel adaptor, preferably one that’s slim and compact enough to slip into a pocket, saving you luggage space and the hassle of untangling bulky cords. Something as small as this bagel-shaped one comes as a universal power strip and travel adaptor in one, and is cute enough to ensure you’ll never leave it behind.

2. A Waterproof Bag

Anyone who’s ever been caught in the rain during a day trip will know that the worst part isn’t actually getting wet, it’s having everything in your bag get soaked through. While packing an umbrella is all well and good, sometimes it’s not enough to protect your things from an unexpected downpour.

Get yourself a waterproof bag to keep your things dry even in the worst of rainstorms. Got a bag already? This backpack cover with a colorable map will protect your things and keep track of all your travel destinations.

1. Reliable Airport Transport

Now that you have everything in order—you brought everything you should, your luggage is safe, your documents are organized—the only thing left is to secure yourself a ride from the airport to your hotel.

While hailing a cab is a usual solution, long queues and possible language barriers could turn a simple task into a huge problem, and next thing you know you’ve been waiting for a ride at the airport for hours. A quick fix is to book transport in advance and make sure to be on time at the pick-up point.

Heading to Taiwan anytime soon? Book transport from the Taipei Taoyuan Airport with KKday for up to 3 passengers or 8 passengers.

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Armed with these seemingly small travel essentials, you can be sure to travel without any inconveniences, and enjoy your trip serene and stress-free!

So, where is your next destination? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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