Avenue75, The Best Sports Bar in the South

When in Manila, there are a lot of bars you can go to, a lot of club that you can go wild and a lot of lounge that you can just relax and drink. My friends and I were driving around Paranaque looking for the perfect spot to just relax and have fun on a Friday night. Driving through the long road of Aguirre Avenue there we saw Avenue75, a place where harmony and excitement meet.

Avenue75 is the only sports bar in BF Paranaque (which where all the happening happens in the south), with its blue lights to make it cool and yellow lights to make it bright, it will really give you an atmosphere to unwind once you’re there. Avenue 75’s packed with 42 inches TV that’s really dedicated to sports.  You can choose to stay outdoor and experience the South’s breeze or stay indoor with their cool ACs.


 75TH AVE 2


75TH AVE 1



Young entrepreneur, fear factor contender, and star magic talent Mr. Jose Sarasola is the owner of Avenue75 and being a sports enthusiast he opened this bar to provide a venue where all sports buff can share their love to sports. However, if your not a sports enthusiast don’t worry because sports is not just the happening here, they have Wednesday ladies night, Thursday and Friday acoustic night, so boys if you don’t want to miss game that you’ve been waiting to see, bring your dates here! Not only that you guys will enjoy the game but the women will enjoy the sounds!   

75TH AVE 5

75TH AVE 3 


With good music and exciting games, you’ll definitely enjoy Avenue75! Flare it up with their signature drinks and food and it will blow your night away with memories that will last a life time!  

  75TH AVE 6

 Enjoy a sweet and chocolatey drink “OFF THE WALL” only at 120php.

  75TH AVE 8

 Classic Mojito – 120php

  75TH AVE 7

 Lychee Martini – 110php 

75TH AVE 10  

 Pork Sisig  – 190php


 You have to try their Fish Minor – 190php

  75TH 9

 You should also not  pass on their Chicken Sisig Shawarma – 190php


75TH 1

So When in Manila, if you want to have a night where harmony and excitement meet you have to go to Avenue75! Experience a night full of relaxation and enjoyment!  I have never enjoyed a sports bar like Avenue75 ever before!



Avenue75 Sports Bar

75 Aguirre Ave. corner Gonzalez St.BF Homes Phase 2, 1720 Parañaque

Open from Mondays to Saturdays 5:30 PM onwards

For reservation call:   836 7359 and 09157410928 Avenue75 caters all occasion.

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 Avenue75, The Best Sports Bar in the South