Author: Tiffany Salud

Blackberry Porsche Design

Blackberry Porsche Phone: Unique and Expertly Crafted

Blackberry Porsche Design: Unique and Expertly Crafted   When in Manila, tech-connoisseurs  may be hard-pressed to set themselves apart from the common “gadget-philes” because of the plethora of ever-cheaper options now available to the masses. …

Rediscovering Puerto Galera

  It is not a secret that, When in Manila in the off-summer months, the urban dweller is plagued by sudden and constant pangs to his senses that drain him of his mood, and beg …
Tableau in the Suvarnabhumi Int'l Airport

When in Bangkok: Eat, Shop and Party!

      When in Manila, you’ll find that snippets of excitement beyond our city is very much within a few hours away. And when you’re looking to get a slice of crazy Southeast Asia where …