‘Unbound’ Art Exhibit: An Australian-Philippine Exchange









When in Manila, one can see the undoubtedly evident influences from other people manifesting in the fabric of our culture. From the lines of American fastfood chains, to the swanky French fashion stores, to the ubiquitous , it is evident that how our culture interprets these influences is as critical to its definition as what idiosyncrasies it reflects.

 The same goes with art. Several artists have become global citizens – conducting exhibitions in other continents, and likewise drawing inspiration from them. Thus, as the inspiration behind the art transcends physical boundaries, so does the work themselves.

 Such is the premise of Unbound, an exhibition that explores how culture moves beyond cartographic or physical boundaries, from the physical passage of the object to questioning how ideas and histories are carried and rewritten, responding to different criteria and value constructs.

 The collective exhibit was commissioned by the Australian Embassy of Manila, in partnership with the Yuchengco Museum, and features 37 multimedia works of six Filipino and Australian artists who live between and across the Philippines and Australia.

 The featured artists are Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan (Philippine-borne; living in Brisbane), Maria Cruz (Philippine-borne,; living in Sydney & Berlin), David Griggs (from Melbourne; living in Quezon City, Philippines), Diokno Pasilan (Philippine-borne; living in Melbourne), Juni Salvador (Philippine-borne; living in Sydney), and Tony Twigg (born in Brisbane; living and working in Sydney and Manila).









“How culture is transported, repackaged by these artists, and then interpreted by local audiences, sits at the core of this exhibition,” explains Australian curator Gina Fairley. “It is both an expression and a questioning of our times.”


The exhibit is on view at the Yuchengco Museum from January 23 to February 20, 2013.

‘Unbound’ Art Exhibit: An Australian-Philippine Exchange


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