Author: Francis Simisim

mark yee sundot scandal pba

Mark Yee Sundot Scandal on PBA

When in Manila, the PBA crowd sure had a laugh fest last night as Mark Yee of Talk and Text got a little “butt action” going on against import Anthony Grundy of Petron. Game may …
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Uncommon Funny Tagalog Slangs

When in Manila, we are good at inventing words! I’m not talking about lying okay lol. Over the years, we’ve been able to come up with words such as chorva chenes, beckies, eyow poh, kalerki, …
london riots 07 thumb

A Quick Glance of London Riots in Pictures

When in Manila, I was disheartened seeing the news about London riots. What started out as a shooting incident involving a local man and a police officer turned into a widespread form of public rebellion. …